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Counterfeit Chinese Cables
Curiosity lead me to purchase a couple feet of Nordost-like flat wire from China. It's about to arrive. The description fairly clearly says that the conductors are made of individual many-nines Cu that's silver-plated, each extruded in FEP (or PTF... 
Unfair Competition: Orchard Audio Bosc Monoblocks vs. Pass Labs XA30.8
Thanks for the comparison. I'm just about to give the Orchard monos a trial, deciding that 600w idle and an hour warmup is just becoming burdensome with my pair of Aleph 2 monos. I'm unwilling to give up their richness and very deep stage. But bei... 
Amp for Verity Parsifal encore
I still love my PE's with Aleph 2s via Aleph P, Nordost SPM from Electrocompaniet EMC1-UP. Totally natural. 
where's ernie? and his power cords
Hi Folks!I've been busy playing Beethoven Sonatas, seakayaking, and enjoying my first grandchild too much to bother with assembling power cord kits at no profit for fellow A'goners.But now that I've moved this workshop to the basement I see that I... 
Dedicated Line, Surge and Safety
Tom, I use the same SPDT 30/30A switch on both the 12AWG and 9AWG PoBoxes, so EACH outlet has overkill 30A rated contacts. Cheers, Ern 
Good, Neutral, Reasonably Priced Cables?
Phew! Sean, Robert, thanks for the eye-exercises. Sean, just gotta disagree with your statement re the inappropriate use of Teflon (or other low DA insulation) in PCs. Whereas one would think that bandwidth constriction is useful for AC propagatio... 
Power Cord for Jadis Orchestra Reference
Trelja, 3 runs of 22AWG equals about 17.5AWG...awfully skimpy. I make a true 13AWG silver/copper matrix PC for front ends, but it is NOT as neutral as my all-copper version. I'd keep that 17.5'er off any tubed gear...or any amp, as well. Cheers. 
POWER CORD for Electrocompaniet EMC1-UP
I currently use my Prelude N13 in Cu on my EMC1-UP. Simply more natural than my PCK13Q. 
Material Specifications/Layout for AC line
I'd try both, with an eye toward separating digital from analog (esp preamp), if possible, keeping in mind Lak's comment above. 
Review: Ernie's (Subaruguru) PCK12 + G and PoBox Power cord
More-sophisticated 4 conductor "starquad" models have pretty much superceded the original "twisted-pair" PCK12 ($45) reviewed above. The PCK13Q ($42)is thinner, and thus more flexible, and VERY refined for front end components.The beefier PCK11Q (... 
Old Classic Receivers: A Mistake to Buy?
The tuner section of my old NAD7400 receiver continues to outperform the new one in their T751 receiver, nearly matching that of my Magnum Dynalab.$100 spent on a couple of power caps and a thorough cleaning restored this dozen-year old battleship... 
What are the advantages of offset tweeter location
Offset tweeters result in unequal, or staggered, distances from baffle edges, hopefully preventing reradiation from summing lumpily. Also can allow more flexibility in setup, as you can compare tweeters in vs out, very helpful to balance room side... 
Which is better: Spendor BC1, SP1/2, or SP2/3.
My experience is with the smaller, more WAF Spendors, wherein I'll recommend that you chase the Classic S3/1p, which is like the 3/5 except that with a vented 6.5", and therefore has much greater extension, while also being +4dB more efficient. I ... 
Can you put an amp between shelves?
Well said. In addition to WAF and overheating the listening room reasons, I decided to suspend my Aleph 2 monos in well-perforated plastic milk crates on hanging racks bolted to my floor joists in the basement, under my speakers, thus providing up... 
Power Cord Burn-In
Nah...this is fun.