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blue collar workers
After an initial career in lab equipment manufacturing I slowly transformed into Boston's Subaruguru. Ha! So now I try to protect my piano-playing fingers while burning them on hot heads and cutting them when building PCs. Today's my b-day (52), s... 
HELP with Speakers for a 11 ft X 12 ft room???
Square rooms are nearly impossible. Try to asymmetrically damp the walls, set up a tight nearfield triangle and move it (and yourself) around the room to reduce bass res and slap-echo. I have friends who have squarish dining rooms with wooden floo... 
What are your favorite monitors?
If you like the S3/5 I strongly suggest you find either a pair of s3/1p (6.5" woofer, vented) or, interestingly, a pair of the now-discontinued SC3 center channels set on edge as a l/r pair (TWO 5" woofers flanking that tweeter, vented). Both thes... 
Is the significance of room acoustics overrated?
By whom? 
Verity Parsifal Encore Symposium or SRA platform
I asked Julien Pelchat (VA) about that, and he STRONGLY advised against it, saying they spent a LOT of time getting this lossy-but-stiff interface just right. So I dunno.... 
Sytrofoam peanuts and EVIL and worthless
Yes, the biodegradable ones are made from corn starch I think, and thus are actually edible...melt in your mouth! 
My first real hi-end audio system Please advise
I didn't take the time to read the posts (forgive's my birthday!), but the LAST thing I'd do is give up M20s without a serious attempt to integrate them into a system. My daughter should be so lucky that I get a pair for HER first system! ... 
Looking for first system advice
Here's a pretty forgiving, highly musical combo:Spendor S3/1p ($1400/$800 new/used, 88-89dB/w), a decent new integrated from NAD ($500?) or used Audio Refinement Complete ($600) and the NAD C541i/542 ($300/400). Add some Canare Starquad speakercab... 
Which amplifier would you buy?
I wouldn't worry about Nelson Pass' designs getting dated too soon. Lots of folks (like me) prefer the Aleph sound to the X, for example. The newest XA series is meant to combine both sets of attributes, but at $$$$ pricepoints! 
Pass Aleph P Feeding two amplifiers?
I use the balanced to run a pair of Aleph 2 monos, but interestingly use the RCAs to directly run my Senn HD600 quite successfully. Ern 
How long for IC cables and Power Cords to break in
Guys, it's more about the changing dielectric distortions with "exercising" the insulation, either by running lots of signal through the adjacent conductors, or "curing" it otherwise. I've developed such a "curing" process for Teflon insulations t... 
Power Cables - 15amp or 20amp
Well, there's a LOT of mixing going on, as many manufacturers want to ensure that 20a PCs still can be used in customers' preexisting 15a 14AWG house lines!The difference between 15a and 20a best quality AC males is simply the geometry of one spad... 
Kimber Silver Streak vs. Nordost interconnects
The Red Dawn will sound even more transparent in the top octaves than Blue Heaven, but POSSIBLY will exaggerate transients, resulting in a lighter perceived balance. That slight "clickiness" (also there with Pro-Silways and Siltech) disappeared wh... 
Verity Sarastro.
I'm curious too, but size and life's priorities (inc WAF!) dictate that I'll be with my Encores throughout! 
How do amplifiers work?
Nice posts, guys. Even simpler, think of an amp as a signal-modulated power supply for your speakers, properly hinting the importance of its power supply design and execution.