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Dynaudio Evidence Platinum or Consequence UE
Souljasmooth, there's someone on Audiogon from the UK selling the Dynaudio Evidence Master speakers. So you can ask him about the speakers. 
Krell preamp KRS balanced user manual ???
Apogee, there's a guy on Ebay selling this Krell KRS 1A preamp. You should ask him. 
Dynaudio Evidence Platinum or Consequence UE
Souljasmooth, there's a Dynaudio forum board on AVSForum.I bet someone there has heard both speakers. 
Looking to replace my old Meridian 508.24
I would recommend getting the Sony XA-5400ES and sending it to Modwright to get the Ultimate Truth mod with the tubes.I'm telling you this combo sounds amazing. Here's a review. Or if you want... 
Anyone still playing on Cassette decks?
French_fries the guy you talking about that fixes Teac reel to reels and high end tape decks is Sam PalermoHe works at Skywave Tape Deck Repair- Chicago area(630)616-0932 Office/ 708-334-2260 Cell, Email: [email protected] other guy i rec... 
Speakers that copied the Wilson Watt Puppy look
Yamaha Soavo Grand Piano 
hanss turntables
The Hanss T60 turntable looks like the Kronos turntable 
Absolute top tier DAC for standard res Redbook CD
Thread about best tube dacs. 
End of an era: Genesis 500 servo amp died
Sc53, what are you going to do with your Genesis 500 speakers if you don't get them fixed?I always loved that Genesis circular ribbon tweeter? 
Anyone ever hear the Aerial 30Ts.
I think the Aerial 30Ts were just at that 2001 CES show. Aerial never came out with them. 
Repair-Restoration Tech for Vintage Sansui Amps??
I also vouch for Terry Dewick.I had a broken Kenwood KR-7050 receiver from the late 70s.The tuner and Amp needed to be fixed.The receiver is really well built and I wanted to see if it could be fixed. I shipped it to Terry like 5 years ago and whe... 
looking for musical Tube Integrated Amplifier
ShengYa A-216. 46 pounds of incredibly well built hybrid integrated. Dual mono construction, fully balanced with one balanced input and 5 line level inputs, machined aluminum remote. 150 WPC, defeatable tone controls, no tube rolling as the tubes ... 
Amp for Sonus Faber Amati Futura
Bo1972 and Tubeears did you ever hear these Audio Analogue Maestro amps?They look like Krell or Jeff Rowlands. 
Anyone hear the Earthquake Titan Tethy speakers
Here is someone who owns the Earthquake Titan Tethy speakers 
White Audio Labs B2 amp...any info?
Swampwalker, here's a pic of the back of the White Audio Labs B1 amp.It lists the wattage and voltage for the B1, B2 and B3 amps.