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XTZ 100.49???????
Actually the best XTZ speakers are the XTZ 99.26 mkII & 93.23 speakers. I heard them 2 years ago. There alot like the Wilson Sophia's with a Ribbon tweeter.They sound great. Plus they look gorgeous in the black gloss. Here's a pic. http://myli... 
Reference 3A La Suprema- Manual/advice wanted
Sczepiel1, what state are you in? 
Yes, without question best guy to call is Steve Lacrone.He used to work for Krell and knows everything about fixing Krell products. He also fixes tons of other high end equipment. He fixed one of my Krell KAS Amps at a good deal.Here's his site an... 
Your ONE all time favorite love song?
You don't have to say you love me - Dusty Springfield. 
The best speaker you ever heard?
Jmaffia, tell me what you like better when Wilson Sophia's or the Wilson Watt Puppy's 7. My favorite color of the Watt Puppys was in Bugatti Blue.Here's a pic. 
Aerial 10T tweeter
Just found out the 2nd version of the Aerial 10T's used a Vifa woofer made to Aerial's specifications.So it sounds like its a custom made woofer.Which means you can only get it through Aerial. The midbase is a Focal Kelvar. 
Aerial 10T tweeter
By the way, what woofer did Aerial use on the 10T? 
Why don't you just email or call RBH?There number is(800) 543-2205Email addresss is, info@rbhsound.comAnother number is.(801) 543-2200 x103 
Peak Consult InCognito Grande
Nickodavidoff did you ever hear the Peak Consult speakers? 
Power cords for ModWright SCD-XA5400es
Go on the Cable Company's site.They let you borrow cables and you can see which one will sound best for your system.[/][/] 
SF EXTREMA vs SF Cremona M
The Extremas are worth 5000.There the best monitors i'v heard.But they need a really powerful amp or mono blocks to sound best. My friend is using two Meridian 557 amps bridged on the Extremas. The Skaaning midbase on the Extremas is a Carbon Fibe... 
Anyone ever hear NTT Audio Lab speakers
I never heard of these NTT speakers either.I just looked them up online. Some of their speakers weigh 1300 pounds. Yes 1300 pounds.Someone was selling a pair on Audiogon.Look at the cabinet. It looks like something from Nasa. 
Who is the KING of MONOS?
SimAudio Moon Rock Mono blocks.There 1000 Watts each and are like 220 pounds each. Here's a pic of them. The pic is at the bottom of the page. 
DynAudio C4 _ Explodes my sonic perspective
Great review of the Dynaudio C4's.I heard the C4's at the Stereophile show in 2002 and they sounded phenomenal.Here's what i said about them in 2002. Its at the top of the page. 
Genesis 300 transducers
Scvan, I would talk to Christos P. Skaloumbakas about the Genesis 300 speakers. He runs the Greek audiophile society in Greece. He's has the Genesis 300 speakers for like 15 years and knows everything about them. He's also had his Genesis 300 modi...