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Warner Imaging VTE-200s
I remember the Warner Imaging amps.I heard them with the Thor tube preamp on Von Schweikert VR 4 speakers at the Stereophile show in 96 in NY.This was a really good system i heard at the show. 
Amps for Maxx 2's
Edseal, I'm in kind of a similar situation.I'm using Levison 33 amps, Levinson 32 preamp on Bose 901 speakers. LMAO 
Amps for Maxx 2's
The only Yamaha amp and preamp i would play on the Maxx 2's are the Yamaha MX-10000 amp and CX-10000 Centennial series. Those were world class in the late 80s. 
Dunlavy SC-IV bass problem
There was a thread 8 years ago about a guy who modifies the Dunlavy speakers. 
Who is the KING of MONOS?
Audio Research REF VT 600 mono's. Boulder 2050 monoblock amplifiers.Halcro DM88 amps. 
If money were no object, what would be in your rig
Have you seen Lonnie Anderson lately?Way to much plastic Surgery messed up her face.I hope your talking about the Lonnie Anderson of 30 years ago. 
Monitors that use the Dynaudio Esotar Tweeter
Sonus Faber Extremas used them. The best monitors. 
The new Peak Consult referencespeaker
Those Peak Consult speakers look great.It looks alot like the JM Lab Utopias 
Wilson WP 7s and supertweeter
Are the Watt Puppies still using the Focal tweeter?I remember that Focal stopped selling their drivers to other companies. 
B&W 800d's or MAGICO V3's?
Has anyone heard these Magico speakers?The first 2 links are these incredible looking Magico speakers that use alluminum cabinets and top of the line drivers. T... 
Dunlavy SCIV 10
Rush, the SCIV used 10 inch Vifa drivers.Dunlavy never used Morel drivers. 
Audio Research for Sonus Faber Extrema
Avico, are you using 1 Meridian 557 amp or 2 557 amps. If your using 1 557 amp, I say Forget getting a new preamp. Get another 557 amp and bridge them to 800 watts.My friend is using 2 Meridian 557 amps bridged on the Sonus Faber Extrema.We've ab/... 
Is the moscode 600 a great amplifier?
I also heard the Moscode 402 hybrid amp on the Joseph Audio speakers.That system sounded impressive.It sounded sweet and smooth. The Joseph Audio speakers sounded much better this year then in years past at the show. 
Rockport Mira and Mira Monitors
I heard the Rockport Antares speakers at the Stereophile show in 2002 on Halcro amps.Those speakers were phenomenal Amazing midrange and bass.The cabinet is gorgeous. Here's a pic of them with the Rix Rax stands. 
reference 3a capo to l'integral nouveau
I heard both speakers at the Stereophile show in 2002.The distributor for Reference 3A A/Bed the speakers.He was using Antique Sound Labs 845 tube amps and an Antique Sound tube preamp.The Reference 3a da capo's were nice sounding monitors.But the...