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I remember the Stax Dac-X1t Tube dacIt was a 20,000 dollar ultra high end dac in the early to mid 90s.It weighed like 60 pounds.There's someone on Audiogon who has this Stax X1t dac.He can tell you about it. I remember he posted how he compared th... 
Review: Avalon Acoustics Radian Speaker
Check out these speakers that look very similar to the Radian, except they use a ribbon tweeter.,de,900693,2911 
Reference 3A line updated
Anyone ever heard the Reference 3A La Suprema speakers?Those were great speakers from the 90s.  
Nothing against the Kef 207/2, I heard them on Mcintosh amps. But the 207/2 are not in the same league as the BW 800 Diamond speakers. The BW 800 speakers have a superior midrange and bass response. 
Peak Consult InCognito Grande
My friend has the Peak Consult El Diablo speakers, which he got in 2006 from Sound by Singer. I'v not heard the Peak Consult InCognito Grande speakers.That was Peak Consult's top of the line speakers before the El Diablo in 2004. I see they also u... 
Best speaker on used market around 10,000.00
I always liked the JM Lab Mezzo Utopias. It has a large soundstage, tight bass and nice mids. 
Is anyone interested some Sonus Faber Amatis?
I'll trade you my 20 dollar gift certificate from Target for your Sonus Faber Amati speakers. 
What is the best loudspeaker for a small room?
Montana master reference. hahah.How about the Rockport Arrakis for a small roomo? 
Anyone know how to record to DVD recorder from DVR
Here's how you do it. First, you need a DVD recorder with 2 coaxial connections and a DVD recorder with a built in tunerI have the Sony RDR-GX330 DVD recorder and Sony's customer service was great in connecting it to the Verizon DVR.The way you se... 
Anyone know how to record to DVD recorder from DVR
I do have an S Video connections on both the Verizon DVR and Sony DVD recorder. Also both the DVR and DVD recorder have the yellow, white and red connections.I'm wondering if i first have to go in menu in the Verizon DVR to set this up, where i ca... 
Is Clayton Audio Out Of Business
Besides Amps, Clayton Audio makes great power cords.I have one and its really good. 
Wilson Sophias and Jolida Integrated
Wilson Sophias are going to need a high current amp.If your budget is 1000 dollars, I would recommend the Emotiva XPA-1 Amplifier.The Amp is like 75 pounds and really built.It sounds dynamic and lists for 1000 dollars.If you want to buy used, i wo... 
CounterPoint SA3000 Repair Technician
If your in Oregon i would call Stan Warren.He was the S in PS Audio. He lives in Oregon.He can fix anything.I dont have his number anymore.But i still have his address. He modified a few things for me like 10 years ago. His address is Supermods, 2... 
Best tube preamp ever
Anyone heard the Messenger tube preamp?Here's a review on here. 
Best power match with Sonus Extrema ?
Thf99, how do you like the Skaaning midbase on the Extremas? The Skaaning midbase on the Extremas is a Carbon Fiber Polypropelene midbase. This is the best sounding midbase I ever heard. It has a richness that no other midbase has. I like it bette...