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Conrad Johnson LP66s Problems
dsper, I spoke with the factory today. Jeff asked that you use the website "contact" and send a message and he will get back to you.  
Conrad Johnson LP66s Problems
The bias light may flash as you bias the other tubes. Just bias them once a s if needed adjust.    
Conrad Johnson LP66s Problems
Yes, you can use different brand tubes. Just bias them the same way.    
Conrad Johnson LP66s Problems
Is it the fuse light that is coming on? Check the fuses. What you are describing maybe a bad diode. Call CJ and ask for Jeff. I provide concierge service for CJ, so I am happy to help anyway I can.  
Wadia 321 DAC VS. PS Audio Perfectwave II DAC. Any thoughts ?
@InvalidThanks for putting this back on track. I wouldtake the Wadia. It is is more musical. The floor is opened.  
British Integrated Amps
British Fidelity A1 (now called Music Fidelity) was absolutely amazing. Its 20 watts class A limited it capabilities, but the sound was magnificent. Ran that for 10 years in a small system. My daughter used a Creek 5350SE (made in the UK) for 8 ye... 
Wadia 321 DAC VS. PS Audio Perfectwave II DAC. Any thoughts ?
@RSAWadia went through some ownership changes and McIntosh eventually took it over as part of its MBO. While the website is still up, it is for service. The products are no longer being manufactured. 
Wadia 321 DAC VS. PS Audio Perfectwave II DAC. Any thoughts ?
Wadia is gone, so forget about any service. The 321 was not even a “real” Wadia. The age of both makes me think you should be looking at more current pieces. 
Conrad Johnson owners -
The CTs are of the same vintage, 2005, where the LS16 II is earlier, 1998. Have you considered the ET5? It is better than the CTs and is comparable to the 16, but maybe a hair cleaner and more dimensional.  
Build a wooden crate or use a cardboard box for Amplifier.
Anything over 125 pounds you will want to go to wooden crate. Yet, Resolution Audio has been using wooden crates for their new Cantata and M100 amps for years. CJ switched to wooden crates for the ART27A amp. We at Penaudio just shifted to wooden ... 
Tandberg 3001, 3002, 3003
They were made in Norway in the mid 1980s. They were very good at the time. I had them and think the sold close to $4000 for all three pieces. I am not sure if I would call them rare or vintage. If they still work that is great. Not sure if you wi... 
Any Conrad Johnson CAV-45 S1 or S2 owners?
@funthihngs Yes, the CAV 45S2 can drive the Devores.  The amp would need to be reconfigured at the factory for 8 ohms and then you would be all set. I have been using one as my daily amp for almost 9 months now and rarely change over to my main sy... 
Help me complete my stereo system (Harbeth, ClearAudio Concept).
The Unision S6 is also Class A. 
Help me complete my stereo system (Harbeth, ClearAudio Concept).
@juleman I provide concierge service to CJ and can comment on CJ and Harbeth as well as Unison Research S6. Both great amps and options for you.I have many clients pairing CJ and Harbeth. It is a stunning combination and one I never get tired of h... 
Modified vintage CJ preamp vs. new one
Glad to share my insights. My daughter plays cello and bassoon. I listen, hear, and enjoy. I used to restore old Rover sedans and Land Rovers. Hence, the hybrid name.