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Conrad Johnson and Herron comparisons
jjss49 asked the right question. So, let me try to compare apples to apples. I own both brands. Keith makes very good equipment - musical, detailed, engaging - as does CJ. I have had my Herron power amps for close to 14 years, with upgrades.  I ha... 
Conrad Johnson or PrimaLuna
I have listened to most of the PrimaLuna line and have always liked them. They sound good, are musical & engaging, built well, and offer good service. I can say the same for CJ ( disclaimer - I provide concierge service for CJ and few other ma... 
Monitors for Pass Labs 60 INT
Udisa, I would call the sound more warm than dark. There was a fullness and richness to the sound. Maybe not the soundstage I like the best, but no real complaints...it would be splitting "thick" hairs. I think with a better preamp (maybe tubes) t... 
Monitors for Pass Labs 60 INT
I would look at Penaudio Cenya Signature. I have heard them with the Pass 30.8 and 60.8 and was stunned how good the combination sounded. Stein Music also mated nicely but at a considerable price increase. 
Conrad Johnson Et3se vs ARC LS 17se. Need Comaprisons please!
The better move would be to the CJ ET 5. It uses one tube and takes transparency, clarity, detail, refinement, dynamics, etc. many steps beyond your ET3.  
6922 tube selection
The question is, how do you want to change the sound? Amprex 7308 will open the top and add detail. Telefunkens will make the sound warmer and the midrange really rich. I have Amprex and Philips for my ET 5. Used Amprex in my LP 70. EAT makes a gr... 
Cabling Question
I have recently ended years of cable searching (ha). I have both a as and tube system. I listen more to my tubes and over this time I have changed speakers but think I have a final pair now. I have limited prices to under 2k for 8' cables. I have ... 
NAD C165BEE/C275BEE Combo VS. NAD M12/M22 Combo
Much easier given the closeness of the binding posts.  
Parasound JC2 compatibility with Quicksilver v4's
Charles is correct. Take the preamp over and give it a try. The v4's are very unassuming but sound musical, natural, detailed. Just right. They do require good wire. And, I prefer them with KT 88s. I have tried several preamp as well as direct fro... 
Tellurium Q Black Diamond cables
Greginnh, if the cables you borrowed are new, they need 3-400 hours to fully burn in. Power cords work well with as little as 20 hours. Good luck and keeplistening. 
Tellurium Q Black Diamond cables
I have been using Black Diamond for about a year and have not had the urge to change. Prior to using them I was going through 2-3 different cables annually. They are detailed, neutral, musical.  Could they be better? Maybe. But with all my equipme... 
How to best ship big & heavy speakers internationally?
Wooden crates with 3" of foam around them. You want absolutely no movement in the crates. Do not under insure. Bax is good, but UPS and FedEx may be easier if this is a one time shipment. 
Need a Conrad Johnson Premier 12 Schematic
If the amp was advertised as working and it arrived not working, then you need to speak with the seller. Can you look at the other one and figure it out? 
Conrad Johnson LP125sa and ET5
Great deal. But as Jafant said consider your cabels. Try both speakers also. Good luck.