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Resolution Audio - Cantata
What size fuse did you get and is there more than one to change? 
Dump the Wadia 781?
As mentioned, Wadia has a new financial owner. They are consolidting US resources. Wadia, Audio Research, Sonus Faber and Sumiko are all owned by the same company. If you have a concern, call and talk to them. 
Pass Labs XA60.5 experience?
Call M&K or email Ken Kreisel -- kkmksound@aol.com 
Conrad Johnson LP70s vs. the rest
Of the CA 200, MV 60 and Premier 140, I find the LP70 the most natural and effortless sounding amp. It has very good bass response but the CA 200 has better lower bass control. The LP 70 sits on the fence between neutral and accurate. It is a very... 
zoethecus stand - what size cone feet?
There are three possible thread sizes: 1/4", 3/8" or 5/16". Go to a hardware store and buy three 1" bolts of each thread size. Once you know the correct size you I suggest using brass Audio Points - model 2.0 AP. 
Is CJ's T Cap upgrade for the P11A worthwhile?
The upgrade moves the Premier 11 close to the performance of the LP 70. The amp becomes more neutral, alive and, as Ed said, better microdynamic, detail and soundstage. The LP 70 maybe CJs most neutral and musical amp. And, when you get the amp ba... 
Have you heard the Cenya from Penaudio?
There should be some chatter on Cenya on this link:http://www.xtremeplace.com/yabbse/index.php?topic=93915.0http://www.xtremeplace.com/yabbse/index.php?topic=93915.15 
Wadia 151 + Dynaudio X12... what speaker cable?
I have a 151 in a second system with monitors. Once it burns in (300 hours), it is more dynamic than you think an amp of its size will be. I suggest using a better wire than you initially anticipate. I am using Jorma #3. I can also recommend Crims... 
Resolution Audio Opus 21 s80 Integrated Amp
Brawny is correct in that there shoul be no noticable differnce in power or actaul loudness. I refer to my original comment, try changing speaker wires. The Cardas may be too polite. 
Resolution Audio Opus 21 s80 Integrated Amp
I suggest that you call the Cable Company and try out different speaker wire combinations before you go crazy over the amp. There is no disagreement that you can keep the Opus 21 and move up the amp food chain. But to do that, you will need to spe... 
Resolution Audio Opus 21 s80 Integrated Amp
I have a full RA system as my second system using the s30 amp which is not a digital amp. A lot of rock music is engineered differently than other music, so that is one consideration. The system is not lacking in musicality or detail. It will play... 
Herron VSTP 1A /166 describe sound
Read the reviews on the Herron website, they tell it like it is. 
speaker cables between Pass and Penaudio
Our initial listening with MIT was 5 years ago and I cannot remember which model we spent time with but I do remember a very cohesive and music presenation. Detail, smooth, musical. Highly listenable. I will send you an updated recommendation. Nev... 
speaker cables between Pass and Penaudio
MIT also works well. Sorry for the omission. 
speaker cables between Pass and Penaudio
We use Jorma Design inside the speakers. Given the amp-speaker combination, you will want a wire that is more neutral sounding. At 6 feet you should be able to get almost any wire within your price range. Consider Audience AU24e, Analysis Plus, Cr...