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Conrad Johnson MV60SE vs. Audio Research VS55
The MV60SE does not have teflon caps. It is an amazing transformation. More detail. More music. More open. Quieter, smoother. It will sound like a new amp 10+ times better. But it takes 200 hours to burn in the new caps. A wait very much worth whi... 
CJ preamp good match with Ayre amps?
Go for the ET3 SE. It will be a better match. Also consider Herron. 
Power cord for CJ MF2500A
The "hospital cord" is very good. It is comparable to other power cords in the $1000 range. If you are handly with a soldering iron you can change out the stock cord for the CJ hospital cord. As once asked, where are you located? 
Conrad Johnson MV60SE vs. Audio Research VS55
You can now have the caps in the MV 60 upgraded to teflon and that will take you close to CJ premier level performance. If you have the MV 60 consider all the upgrades. 
Power cord for CJ MF2500A
Install or have CJ install the IEC. CJ includes a very good power cord with their amps and I am surprised that you have the A version and do not have an IEC. They will also sell their power cord which is 8' long. ESP (Essential Sound Products) mak... 
Preamp Recommendations for Bedini 25/25
Good question: Herron versus CJ. I loved my CJ Premier 18, yet the reviewers said that the 16 LS 2 was better-- maybe it was because it was a tubed CJ. Who knows. The Herron preamp is as everyone has described it... it sounds more like music. The ... 
Preamp Recommendations for Bedini 25/25
I had a 25/25 years ago so I can only share some historical perspective with present day speculation. I had a buffered line stage from Stan Warren (Superphon) that I paired with a Threshold phone stage. I then moved to the matching Threshold line ... 
Music Reference RM200 - Running so hot
Call RAM as suggested and give them the serial number. They will take over from there. 
Creek 5350 SE, Channel Dropout
If you are in the US, you can also call Roy Hall at Music Hall. However, CES starts this week, so call Monday or you may have to wait. As for excellent internal wire, I can recommend the OHNO 21 gauge hook up wire from Audience. 
Mac with USB Dac
For those of you using the Mac Mini are you using a screen and keyboard with it or just the i-touch? 
Wadia 781i compared to 581-SE
I did the same upgrade as Droberson, 581i SE to 781i. The 781 is many steps ahead of the 581, but at 50% more money. I am now listening to music. The 781 is more of everything that the 581 was, but again the 581 is a great player. The 781 is more ... 
Looking to upgrade Audio Note CD-2
I went with the then (2006) standard Aura cap. I spent a lot of time talking with them and they also suggested increasing the value ever so slightly. Also based on that conversation I stayed away from silver. I cannot imagine it getting better. No... 
I have a wadia dac w/their cd transport
Call Wadia and find out directly from them. Almost all their machines are upgradeable. Also call GNS as Rja suggested. 
Looking to upgrade Audio Note CD-2
I still have a CD 3.1X (as my spare player). I changed the two output/coupling caps to Aura caps and had an entirely different and new player. And that was before their new teflon caps were available. This is a 15 minute effort so I highly recomme... 
Wadia 581se vs. Meridian 808??
There is a review of the 808 in Issue 8 of Tone Publications. I believe there is referecne to the Wadia 581 (not se) in that review.