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Class D and Power Cables
Yes. Look at Merrill Audio and how they ship with a very specific power cord. 
Solid State to replace Audio Research REF110?
Look at Herron amps and pre amps. I have had my M1 amps for close to 6 years and have never found a other amp to replace them. Always on. Always just right. And I have had 3-4 other amps just to compare but keep the Herrons. 
Hypex Ncore 1200
I have not heard the any of the Ncore modules but have heard Merrill and was surpised. I spend a lot of time in Scandivian for work and heard the Apoll Acoustic amps at the Helsinki HiFi show last month. My experience was very much similar to Petl... 
Solid State Amp repair in NYC area?
Bristol Electonics in HoHoKus, NJ. Tim is excellent and reliable. 
Anyone know about New York Acoustic speakers??
8.2 were a late model. They were the last of the production run before NYA closed down. Jim stayed in the NY area and then moved back to California. If I remember right, the 8.2 retailed for about $1500 or a little less for the pair. The drivers w... 
Conrad Johnson with Gallo Reference 3.1s
The CA200 is neutral and detailed without being warm. The 2500 A is more open and smoother than the 2250A but not as detailed as the CA 200. It is sonically similar to the 2250A but opens up the sound of the 2250 A. The 2250 A is a good amp but do... 
Tubes going bad???
First, you have two very good pieces of equipment. The Premier 12 can be upgraded and further improved so you can keep it forever. Call CJ and they can walk you though the whole process include tube replacement. Tubes last longer than you think. T... 
I need a repair tech in Austin,TX
Call Creston Funk at Austin HiFi. He will be able to direct you. 
Do I need to use filler in my speaker stands?
Skylan stands do sound best filled. Use white rice it is less messy. Start with nothing and then fill them half way and listen. I ended up filling mine about 3/4. Tonal quality, clarity, and soundstage improved. The top end was always open and los... 
dac USB cable
Cardas Clear. 
Muse Audio contact?
www.museelectronics.comcall and they will help you. 
Rewire Conrad Johnson Premier 12 from 2 to 4 ohms
Call CJ and talk to Ed. 
RFI Interference
I lived through RFI hell for months. The first problem was a cheap wall wart for the HRT iDevice. Then I removed the iPod from the system. The final solution was using Ferrite beads on all ICs and speaker wires. It is an interesting dilemma. All s... 
Penaudio Cenya monitors
The speakers are just shipping to the US. They are very natural and detailed offering big and controlled bass. They sound equally good with tubes as well as solid state. 
Resolution Audio - Cantata
Thanks, Dfalbaum!