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Cables for Conrad Johnson and Proac D25 system
The DNM Reson will open things up and takes away nothing. I was shocked as I replace very expensive and highly regarded cables with these. 
Cables for Conrad Johnson and Proac D25 system
If you want to surprise yourself, then listen to DNM Reson speaker wires and ICs. Actually for the price just buy them. Get the original ones, not the new bi-wire ones. Then look at PCs. Concert Sound in Austin, TX is the source for the wires. I h... 
Analysis Plus Oval 9 vs Crystal Oval 8
The 8s are very differnt. You give up none of the qualities of the 9s but gain, smoothness and quietness; detail and specificity; more controlled bass and sweeter midrange. Imaging is improved. Overall, more musical and neutral. 
new CJ sound compared to old CJ sound
I have heard the CT-5/LP 70 and CA 200 and have to say that my immediate reaction, aside from Wow, was how quiet and pure the sound was. I think neutral is a new reality and companies are finally learning how to get there. The new CJ sound is neut... 
Audio Refinement Complete owners: please advise
I had an ARC as a back up to my back up amp. This was not to say that I did not use it, but rather I made the decision to simply my life. I actually set it up as a second system with Penaudio Charisma/Chara (87 db 4ohm load) in our family room/kit... 
Conrad Johnson 140 or 12A monoblocks?
The 140 is clearly the better amp without question. It is neutral, clean, effortless and musical. It is simply natural. The Modwrigth is neutral with no edge or hint of sterility. I agree with Downunder it is not tuby and that is how it was design... 
What to buy with $2000?
Technology and circuitry have changed. Price is not necessarily a pre-qualifying criteria. The Modwright SE 9.0 for $2300 will clearly outperform any other preamp under $4000. I would never have believed it if I had not heard it. See if you can sq... 
Is There any Truly "High End" Integrated Amp?
Let me correct myself. CJ introduced it at CES as the CA 200 
CJ ACT2 with Premier 140 or 350 or LP70S?
Let me correct myself. CJ introduced it CES as the CA 200 
Is There any Truly "High End" Integrated Amp?
Yes, but it is not an integrated. It is a control amp. The new CJ Premier 150. 
CJ ACT2 with Premier 140 or 350 or LP70S?
Yes. There is more to come. The Premier 150 is sweet. It is the size of a Premier 18 preamp and sounds amazing. 
New System for the House
You can order silver knobs and all the designer colors of your choice. 
CJ ACT2 with Premier 140 or 350 or LP70S?
It really comes down to your ears. The 350 is an amazing amp and with an ACT2 you should be happy. Back to your ears...do you want tubes, clarity, detail, music or all of the above. The 140 is not a 350. It has a natural midrange but not all the r... 
Can anyone suggest a good 2-channel amp for $1500
Channel Island DM 100 mono blocks. 
Life beyond Jolida?
Matching your criteria:BAT VK 300Manley Stingray (on the bottom end of power scale)Cary SLI 80Beyond your criteria: separates from the above, as well as from Quicksilver.