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Conrad Johnson LP125sa and ET5
Go for it. To make a long story short, I had a ss amp and CJ LP70 connected directly to my DAC. I borrowed a preamp and heard what I was missing. I listened to 3 preamps and settled on the ET5. I then rolled the tubes in the LP70 and was really ha... 
In wall cable
Analysis Plus 
Resolution Audio - Cantata
Drheadphone, great input. I switched over to using their Pont Neuf about 7 months ago and the sonic improvement over USB was instantly noticeable. However, CD still sound best. How have you connected your Offramp between your ?computer? server? an... 
Getting the Upgrade Bug Again
A little more than your budget, the VAC Sigma i160 is truly worth considering and there are add-ons and an upgrade path. 
Center speaker - Dynaudio Contour vs ATC C3C
Ideally the tweeters should match. 
Setting up an audio system
Have you actually purchased or just narrowed down the options? You can start with budget and then allocate accordingly. And, will you have an on-going budget or is this a one time buy? Speakers are also the starting point of a system. Make sure th... 
s-s integrateds just on the warm side of neutral
Let me also add trhe Modwright to the list. And to clarify, I am talking 1 or 2 clicks off neutral to warm. 
s-s integrateds just on the warm side of neutral
Resolution S50. Closer to neutral but more warm than analytic. Actually I would classify it as accurate and musical. Norma is there too, but with more power, bass control, and openness. 
Integrated Amp with Separate Volume Controls
Conrad Johnson CA200 has this feature. A used one will sell for between $3-3400. I used one for years and wish I never sold it. 
Need a repair shop for Belles 200 power amp
Bristol Electonics in Hohokus. NJ 
Buiding listening room from scratch - need advice
Some questions and comments in no real order: Where are you located? Have you visited any local (if they exist) dealers? Are you thinking of special construction? What are your expectations and real wants and real needs? As it was stated, a 12 x 1... 
Modern integrated vs. vintage...what do I get?
Creek to Rogue to Mac is a wide range in price and quality. With a current amp, you are getting something new with a warntee and new technology, not to say older amps are obsolete. Getting two speaker outputs could be a challeng with the better an... 
Help me choose a Conrad Johnson pre-power
ET5 and LP70 and then roll the 6922 to Ampex 7308. 
Know of anyone in NJ that can repair Musetex Bidat
Try Bristol Electronics in Hohokus. 
Help me choose a Conrad Johnson pre-power
You have several options, as well as upgrade potential. The Classic series is nice, but the ET is better.MF2550SE with ET3SELP70 with ET3SEPremier 11 with teflon cap updrade and ET3SE (this would be close to 90% of the LP70 option and would give y...