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Holo Audio May DAC
In_shore can you tell me between the Audiobyte Vox stack and Holo KTE May which one you liked better. Can you describe the differences in tonality, soundstage, imaging, etc.Like you I also had the PS Audio Directstream and Terminator Dac. I have a... 
Holo Audio May DAC
Thx for the clarity!👍 
Holo Audio May DAC
Hey Snackeyp, When you say cool clear water you don’t mean thin sounding? Do acoustic instruments have body, weight, texture with natural tonality? 
Vfet / SIT Amplifiers
I have a FW SIT-3 amp, which I really like. It has plenty of power for my Horning Eufrodite Elipse Speakers. They have 98db efficency with a 4 ohm flat load, which is in the SIT-3 sweet zone.The sound is detailed, smooth, airy, with beautiful tona... 
JAY'S Audio CDT-3-MK2 or PS Audio DirectStream Memory Player
Sorry misprint I have the mk.2 . Which is better then the PS Audio Transport. 
JAY'S Audio CDT-3-MK2 or PS Audio DirectStream Memory Player
I had both. The Jay's CDT-2 Mk.3 is better sounding and built better for less money. If only looking to play Redbook the Jay's transport is better hands down.  
What is the best solid state amplifier you have ever heard?
If you have efficient speakers which are between 8 to 4 ohms. The FW SIT-3 is a top contender. 
DAC finalist please help
I think you will really love the AM Tubadour III dac.You can always upgrade it to the SE later on.I have The SE version and love it. I used to have a Terminator which is twice as much and I like the AM better. It is more musical and just sounds mo... 
Cables for Audio Mirror Tubadour III
Hey arafiq,I have the AM Tubadour lll Se Dac. Never heard the regular one, but the SE is a really good Dac.  Sold my Terminator and have no regrets.I use Triode Wire Labs Digital American PC with great results. It is made especially for digital eq... 
Update on Audiogon Member Almarg
This is very sad news! Al’s wisdom and gracious thoughts will surely be missed on this forum.May my prayers and gratitude go out to you and Margaret. Your knowledge and kindness will always be with us my friend. 
Seeking advice on Speakers that create an intimate 2 channel listening experience
You have a very nice room and setup! The speakers have plenty of room to breathe. I don’t think you would need much room treatments. 
Transport to replace my cd player
donpepe,You are going to be happy with the Jay's transport. It built like a brick and sounds wonderful. It replaced my Directstream transport and I have no regrets. I use the I2s output to my AM Tubadour III se dac and it has zero digital nasties.... 
MHDT Orchid or Audio Mirror/ pick one for me please
I had a Directstream Dac Senior for a couple years then I bought a Denafrips Terminator. Which I liked better, but tried a AM Tubadour IIIse and thought it sounded better out of all of them. It has the smoothness of the DS and the prat of the Term... 
MHDT Orchid or Audio Mirror/ pick one for me please
I sold my Denafrips Terminator once I got my AM Tubadour III se dac. It sounds more musical and has better tonality. It just sounds more natural in my set-up without giving up detail. The Termy might be a little cleaner, but doesn't have the textu... 
Anyone tried the Denafrips CD transport?
When I emailed Alvin about that he said Jay’s Audio has been making transports for many many years. He said Jay’s is the better transport.Maybe for hi-res and dsd the Denafrips would be better, but I do strictly Redbook and the Jay’s using the I2S...