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Speaker manufacturers or box manufacturers with off the shelf drivers?
Not many make there own drivers most have other make to spec. And if a company does make there own it doesn't give them that much of an advantage over using the production and design capabilities of the world's best transducer manufacturers.  
To horn or not to horn
 One needs to take a good bit of care in setup if using a massive horn in a smaller space but once done they can be an amazing performer. But what comes fairly easy for me since I've done so many may be harder for others. I would suggest if your... 
Why dont perfect Speakers exist?
Because perfection does not exist in anything-ask better ?s 
To horn or not to horn
The JBL system mentioned above can be used in homes I would redo the networks for home use. One needs to take a good bit of care in setup if using a massive horn in a smaller space but once done they can be an amazing performer. I have 2 systems s... 
To horn or not to horn
Cupped hands effect is BS only horns I heard that sound like that are old metal victrola horns. It's just one of the many horn myths [like all horns honk] that 1950s salesmen used to talk mono horn owners into small weak stereo speakers.  But just... 
To horn or not to horn
I love all loudspeakers types horns just do more things performance-wise that I prefer sure they may not be for an amateur but if done right horns are one of the better ways to great sound. But the sad thing is audiophile products are not the best... 
Who are your favorite A'gon posters?
De-evolution  is real  
Efficient, affordable speakers for SETs?
I have used more SET and 300b type amplifiers than I can count with SET front horn systems give the best results. I  also built 100s of full-range driver systems most designed for SET load these can work well. But the front horn systems designed f... 
Guest suddenly takes it upon herself to move my speakers
Never ever would this happen to me I can't move most of mine without 4 helpers.  
Speaker for Line Magnetic LM 518IA in Large Room
Horns would be perfect with that low power and giant room nothing else you suggest would work 1/2 as well 
First Order Crossovers: Pros and Cons
Transducers are not flat though there operating range they roll off the 1st order utilizes the reduced levels and since it overlaps do to its slight -6db per octave roll-off you can fill in these dips in response by allowing other driver to gently... 
Best bass in Earth! Bass that just smells right...
Why I prefer the giant bass horn approach since they load a room fully and are fairly immune to placement and other room issues. You just get bass pressure. 
What is the most FUN pair of speakers you've ever had and why?
RCA Photophone horn system ran a pair for 10 years sold them but bought another since I missed them so.  
Lowther Bass Reflex and Subwoofers
Swarms a good option as suggested or a proper cabinet for the Lowther ported that's really not the best way to do this. 
The sonic rightness of a mono system.
No one cares about MONO? I don't think that is true and from what this post generated in other forums is far from that conclusion. It is a bit about large vs small- small in stereo and large in mono so you oversimplify and dismiss with absolutes. ...