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Home audio or pro audio?
Pro audio invents innovates audiophile products incorporate this. Many pro audio companies are later discovered by audiophiles the prices go up so audiophiles feel secure knowing they didn't buy pro audio. lol  
un-becoming an audiophile
Audiophiles are entry-level. You can grow out of it and see the light. Ignore the weak chinless dynamics in a box for car prices ignore the 3ft tall audiophile towers ignore the cables that cost more than a nice Ducati. Ignore the giant class-A am... 
Low level listening
Large horns can be ideal low-level loudspeakers why I use them in my office system.  
My experience with the First Watt F7
Owned many First Watt amplifiers but not f7. I had the best synergy using a tube preamplifier with them. But f7 isn't best used that way. Why it didn't appeal to me. Of all the first-watt amps I owned my F3 seemed to be the one that I enjoyed most... 
How do you stop house guest from damaging your speakers?
Audiophiles why don't others enjoy this hobby? Same audiophiles you must sit centered don't move and don't touch anything. No wonder audiophiles are lonely.  
"High end" store snobbery
Much used HT gear is E-waste today.  
Are you getting the bass you deserve?
4x21-inch woofers in my office system. Giant 1000lb front bass horn in my main audio room. Im good.  
How do you stop house guest from damaging your speakers?
If the speakers are so easy to damage that simple touch does so their design is defective. I have horns that are nearing 90 years old and kids can climb in them. I also have new horns that kids can climb on. I have mastiffs and I have no worries a... 
What's the heaviest speaker you've ever owned? What's the tallest?
I have a pair of giant metal Electron Luv 20hz front bass horns they are ea 1000lbs the mid horns etc ad another 150lbs so the total system is over 2300 lbs and is unmovable took 6 men to move 1 bass horn into position. it's about 11ft tall.  
Fleetwood Sound DeVille - Owner Survey
Loudspeaker uses a Faital pro compression driver that the woofer can not keep up with thus much padding on it, this reduces output capability and you could run into thermal compression issues with the woofers if you over-driver them. The reason wh... 
Where can I hear classic horns in southern california?
I started an FB group 13 years ago The horn loudspeaker forum consider joining mine or others. Have 16000 members in the group many in Cal.  
KEF's meta material gimmick?
It's a valid technology. Been talking with Celestron about doing such for the ax2050 driver.  
Advice or experience with shipping speakers using freight companies
Use roadway¬†  
Martin Logan CLS II New Panels (Worth it)?
CLS is a special loudspeaker worth repairing in my opinion. I've owned 2 pairs my friend bought one pair from me many years ago and still uses them today though he has upgraded and replaced parts.  
How long do speakers last?
I have an RCA Photophone Shearer horn that has original drivers from 1938 it still sings and amazes even jaded audio designers. I have a lot of drivers and speakers from the 1940s to the early 1970s that are all matching specs. It depends on the b...