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Speakers sounding dull? MUST READ! The truth about speaker design!
You need more cheese in your truthiness.  
2023 AXPONA Show Report
Ok, show lots of similar overpriced gear lots of safe bets with design choices and music played.   
Forced to DIY
Yes, loudspeaker manufacturers don't use the most advanced transducers and build products to consume. I want what never will exist in the market. I don't just want a product to consume and forget.  
Some famous reviewers have atrocious listening rooms!
A reviewer has a working system. They change things out a good bit. This means nothing is fully optimized. Toss in bias and I consider reviews interesting and entertaining but not definitive just opinions.  
Considering A 20-40 Watt Stereo SET Amp
I have multiple systems. But I pretty much have had a SET-based system since the late 1990s. Owned many many SET and speakers that can run on them. With SET the lower power models are mostly the best sounding. But you have to carefully select loud... 
The Amazing Purifi Speaker Drivers ! Major-Breakthrough
Fostex had a hyperbolic paraboloidal cone surround etc in 1999 and still does. Purifi is just using something similar it's not a breakthrough at all. That's just marketing it's just a modern driver. More similar to others than different. it's the ... 
Klipsch Jubilee & Klipschorn Experience
I was lucky to get my hands on the axi2050 before they hit the market and was asked to give my opinions on it in different horns sized enough to take advantage of it. Celestron has a CD horn they suggest it's good if you want to use CD EQ DSP and ... 
Noise inside speaker cabinet when moving ?
Small mice on a treadmill they tend to break loose if speakers flipped causing major discombalations in your afortasphere.  
Is soundstage DEPTH a myth?
Maybe you all dont know what stereo is. something recorded using two or more channels so that the sound (seems) to surround the listener and come from more than one source.  seems give the impression or sensation of being something or having... 
Are audiophile products designed to initially impress then fatigue to make you upgrade?
Love how some audiophiles feel insulted by a discussion in an audio forum he feels all lumped in poor old sod. it's all about him. Not about voicing planned obsolesce or manufacturers trying to get attention on a filled sales floor no it's all abo... 
Is soundstage DEPTH a myth?
If the soundstage is indeed real then why do we need 2 speakers wouldn't 1 be enough? Why does this real soundstage disappear when not seated centered? If it's so real wouldn't it just always be there?  
Is soundstage DEPTH a myth?
It's not real its an illusion generated by your mind. If I play back a stereo recording in mono it doesn't have much depth though the mind tries to do so. Stereo is designed to make the mind imagine an image by using 2 spaced loudspeakers ea fed a... 
Anything more resolving than 65 year-old speakers?
https://www.audioheritage.org/html/profiles/lmco/shearer.htm  we haven't surpassed the Shearer horn it's still able to keep up with modern designs besting many.   
Are audiophile products designed to initially impress then fatigue to make you upgrade?
  I have no such issues I DIY most all my gear or I buy from very well-respected knowledgeable builders. But I do see you types living what I posted constant gear changes many complaints of not using systems or of listening fatigue. Many loudspeak... 
We should reject hard-to-drive speakers more often
So far nothing perfect has ever been found by humans in this Universe and from my understanding of physics if it did exist all molecules in our universe would be equally distributed thus we wouldn't exist. It's all variables and compromises in any...