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horn or line array?
Anybody Try A5s With Pass XA30.8?
Altec a5 is a great choice Magico will just cost a lot and be worth less every year till you get rid of them an Altec a5 would increase in value and always be enjoyable long after you have passed away.  
Gary Fischer Horn Speakers??
If wanting an Altec buy one if wanting a horn an Altec copy isn't the best way.  
Speaker impedance and sensitivity
British monitors are designed for low-level nearfield listening and have an altered bass response. They do not play loud and if fed lots of power quickly generate thermal compression. They are a relic of audios past and are not that useful today. ... 
Your audiophile chair
Have comfortable chairs but for critical listening, I use mesh-type office chairs.   
Mobile Fidelity Settlement Update
So it's basically just a 10% off sale for returning customers lol.  
Is there a ceiling limit on what you are willing to pay for an audio component?
As it stands it's costing me about 20k to build 4 horns. Will sell a pair to pay for a pair to keep. This way I get SOTA gear for hardly any cost. If you're on a budget get resourceful. Just heading out to an audio shop with a credit card and spen... 
Danny Richie on loudspeaker design.
{When correctly assembled, the sub is like no other you’ve ever heard! Lean, no fat what-so-ever. Makes "normal" subs sound "plump". ;-) } a normal sub is a highly compromised design so anything is better. But bass horns or large driver-ported box... 
300b lovers
I have never had a wooly or bloated 300b amplifier owned about 30 of the things not one had any bloat. All had a very wide frequency range when powering proper loudspeakers. Now if you don't use loudspeakers that are correct for SET or 300b amps t... 
Danny Richie on loudspeaker design.
Had a friend send me the dipole bass system and networks etc he couldn't get them to function properly and they were terrible I had to rework all was a few years ago maybe he's gotten better. Best to get info from many sources. Following an audio ... 
Sensitivity question
Hoffman’s Iron Laws of Speaker Building 1) Bass Extension 2) Efficiency 3) Small Enclosure The law is that you can only have two of these three attributes in speaker building.  Ideally, we would want all three, we want speakers with good bass,... 
Sensitivity question
It will work fine just will sound small and have limits on peak SPL. After all, you selected a small speaker and lower power. You picked your limitations.  
Revisiting Chinese Knockoff Cables
Ive tried to sell legitimate non-Chinese made cables but since so many Chinese clones the market for them is used Chinese clone prices. Every question was are these authentic wish I kept the receipt. I even told buyers where I bought them from and... 
New KEF R11 META : The Real Giant Killers !
What giants did they kill?  
Why are People Dumping their Audio Research Gear and What Does it Say about them?
There have been a few videos outing AR build quality toss that in with the financial issues and I don't blame anyone for dumping them. If wanting AR buy older AR.