What's up with ads for $70,000 speakers selling

for $5,500? Martin Coltrane for $5,500, Wilson Max ll for $6,500 two days ago. The sellers are from Europe with zero feedback. This is becoming the norm and I am disappointed with this trend of dishonest sellers permeating this site.
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Audiogon has removed the Martin Coltrane ad, but I am afraid this is going to be a game of Whack a Mole.
I hear you. I often ignore those ads.

I saw some Tannoy ads that were more advertising to check out a dealer's booth at a show. I'm fine with those ads.

One thing that is a bit worrisome to me is that there are ads for moderately priced gear and the sellers have no feedback and the ads are often one liners. These are raising my suspicion as to how legitimate these sellers are. When I started out here I tried to be descriptive in ads and convey that while I was new here I knew how to treat a customer.
I agree with your thinking but having said that I doubt anyone here in the USA would fall for such scams.For me I dont even look at ads if not in the 48 states.Scams are everywhere,you as the buyer or seller have to do your homework before any deal..always!!!
There's an old saying "if it its to good to be true it usually is"

If I see one I normally report it to the Audiogon folks, they are usually pretty good in following up on these fraud alerts

Good listening

Hi at this moment I'm in Nigeria and can't access my accont in Landan. Can you WU me $6000 and I'll send ya speekas once I combak?
I noticed the same thing, and started a thread regarding this, but Audiogon wouldn't post it. I do think that this used to be a smaller, tight knit community then it is now. These kinds of bogus ads were found on eBay, but never here. Unfortunately, it's now a case of buyer beware.
The 'nigerian speaker' ad???
I saw that Coltrane ad myself and wondered what is going on nowadays. I also agree that half a single line repeatetion of the product name, with "New Condition" as the only descriptor immediately raises suspician. I hope that the Gon can deal with this emerging trend.
It is somewhat odd that so many scammers have invaded this site at around the time it changed it's formatting. Is there a potential reason that the scammers came aboard with the new site, or is it just coincidental. I have heard that this site was bought by another entity but haven't seen that verified or discussed here. I may have to ask or search elswhere, if this administration doesn't want that discussed.
It's not audiogon's fault. It's Africa and other Third World countries becomming more hi-tek with easiness of the internet access especially around resort areas. Even if they succeed to scam $30 out of your account or poket, they'll be very happy. For you it's just family dinner money, but for them it's nearly twice the monthly income. There are also countries that don't have strong identity security vs. United States that probably has the strongest around the Globe.
There are different professions and occupations that people use to make living or surviving and not all of them are college education based for sure! If YOU happen to believe and bite this kinda bait, it's YOUR negligence and YOUR fault.
As you might think ahead, there will be more adds like that in the near future so get used to it. Flagging them for removal as soon as you see them is the ONLY way to prevent anyone from community to be a victim and the size of our community I guess will and should only help to get rid of them before any fool will bite this bait.
To add to Peter"s line (PBNaudio) A fool and his money are soon parted.
By the time someone has a halfway or better decent system the fool is gone but the quest continues.
Unfortunately its at the point now that I won't deal with anyone unless they have considerable feedback. Hope audiogon or the community can find a viable solution to this growing problem. Good Luck
I bought those Maxx 2's for $6500.00 and wondered why the crates were so light!
I've also seen several ads here for newer McIntosh items selling for 1/4 of their original price, all sellers have 0 feedback, and all have Asian names, even tho based here in the US. As said before, if it's too good to be true,......buyer beware.
I, too, have had my responses blocked lately, all atributable to the new Audiogon.
LOL! Bill, c'mon, you shouldn't need AudiogoN to point out such an obvious scam. In case you missed the memo, Audiogon has changed. There's no turning back now...full speed ahead (reverse?).
Just more scams from the evil minds of the "Fraudiopiles". It seems the buying and selling audio gear has now become a walk through a minefield.
I agree with most of what has been said above, but when it comes to high ticket speakers, moreso than preamplifiers and amplifiers, there does seem to be a very substantial drop in value after they have been "driven off the lot".
I remember even very recently seeing an Audiogon retailer trying to sell a pair of Nearfield Pipedreams for a small fraction of their original cost. As I say, I notice it more with components, especially speakers, that had original prices that were stratospheric.
As I remember, that retailer has been trying to sell those pipedreamss for a long time.
Another reason I believe is that some brands don't get enough press, and their name recognition when it comes time to sell is very low. Good example: Stealth Acoustics.
I contacted each seller and spoke with them. I purchased both speakers and used a local dealer in that country to verify them and ship them to me for a fee. I am enjoying them both now and will probably sell one pair off when I decide on which one to keep. Don't look for me to sell them that cheap though! Both sellers had lost their jobs and needed money fast! The fish was the biggest I ever caught also!

Happy Listening.
Not just Audiogon. I had my E-bay A/C taken over by changing the password and about $1000,000 of stuff put on with a 3 day sale, speakers, Audi', BMW's. I was around and told E-bay. Obviously looking for folks who don't check their A/C frequently.
In the strongest possible terms, I recommend exercising extreme caution.

Not sure if anyone remembers, but several months ago a seemingly authentic looking/appearing e-mail went out asking members to verify their accounts. I happen to know the fallout of that left some accounts hijacked. Soon afterward, classifieds popped up offering noticeably attractive (though not too good to be true) deals from sellers with strong feedback ratings, and though you could tell the member was obviously based in the USA, the sellers were always overseas - usually Eastern Europe.
Ya, making a point for all including newbies and the scammers!
Its a ripoff,Keep on truckin Dude!!
One of the frustrating things that I keep running into is the 0 feedback "bot" buyers. I'll look at my account and a "Bot" or potentially fake buyer asks me "i reel want u spkr, email me a suchandsuch@iwillspamyouremail.com" It's really annoying. I usually have 10 things up and find that the "Bot" will attack all my items and I have to go through each one to verify if it's a real person. I miss the old audiogoN so much.
yeah... and have 9mm handy if you sell stuff for cash