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Info on ads PA-1 Biamp modules
Thanks imhifan for the info, much appreciated! 
How old are you?
Yikes, guess I'm Grandpa here-78 years old! Been a Mac fan since 1978, and still enjoying life and Music!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Why is black so popular for components?
I have a Yamaha DSP-A1 Integrated amp done in Champagne Gold with Rosewood (fake) side panels, which to me is gorgeous! Lettering in black is easy to see. An aside, the lighting is in yellow, which unless you're in a cave, can not be seen at all i... 
Frustrated McIntosh Owner
Geez, Genez, take your rants elsewhere!! This is an audio forum, for goodness sakes, not FOX! 
What is a great preamp match with the Mcintosh MC754 amplifier?
I'd recommend the Mac C712 or C15 pre's for your amp, both  are good, and have remote control. However, you will have to cough up a bit more coin for them on the used market. 
How long should speakers last?
Old thread, but my ADS speakers from the mid 1980's are still going strong! Butyl rubber surrounds are the best, it appears! 
Inner groove distortion as tonearm moves toward the center of record What is cause??
gdnrbob +1, I'm with ya! 
Pairing a sub with A/D/S L1290s
I paired my 1290/2's with a Velodyne F1500R for 25 years until it blew itself apart a month ago. You don't need to stay in the "family" to get good results. My 1590/2's also are using the same sub model from Velodyne. I have also owned the PB-1500... 
Who are your favorite A'gon posters?
Loudness Button
I use the loudness button on my McIntosh preamp at night while listening with headphones. Love it. However, I don't use it otherwise. If you want/need one, then find a piece of gear that has it. YOUR ears are all that matters! 
Disappointing On
Bring up the word "McIntosh" and suddenly the vultures descend! Seems like the ones who've never owned it are the worst.   
McIntosh C45 - A truly hidden gem?
I've been considering this one myself. I had a C48, but didn't like it, thought about the C46, but don't like the eq high-end centered on 4k instead of 10k like the older units. I'm currently using a C15, which I keep coming back to, but sometimes... 
How about the Mcintosh C50 preamp
The price you mention for the C50 is about what the C48 is going for now. I had a C48 and liked it a lot, but had to sell it for financial reasons. So if you like it, I'd go for it. It should match up well with the 402. 
This new McIntosh integrated looks like a winner
+1 for Manishe! Too many products! 
Why No McIntosh Recommendations?
+1 for "wlutke"This site is not the place for Mac gear unfortunately. Check out "McIntosh Audio" on and enjoy all the Mac comments you care to indulge in. I do agree however on the dislike of the Autoformers, which is why my Ma...