Sue Kraft

So, im not sure if any of you remember her, she was a reviewer in a few magazines over the years, her name even pops up in reference here on some equipment.

Sadly she passed away recently due to some health complications. She was the audiophile in the family, and as such much of her work flew over my, her nephew’s head, but i wish it all stuck more as I’ve been thrusted into this world.

It was her passing that brings me here, to inform anyone that may have had the pleasure of knowing her, and also, in trying to find a home for her home full of equipment. Admittedly I’ve been swamped by myriad of terminology, brands and devices quite foreign to me, as i only shared my aunt’s automotive passion. To this end, i appreciate all the help and information I’ve received from here already, and keep an eye out for some of her gear as well. Again, thank you. I’ve enjoyed seeing her work at every turn almost the past few days.
So sorry to hear about Sue. Condolences to you and her family. 
Sue bought a Mactone amplifier from me many, many years ago, she actually wanted to trade me her car for the amp. :-) 
If there's anything I can do to help please PM me.
Always enjoyed Sue's posts @ Audioasylum and still continued reading them even after deleating my account there.

Anyway, though I never met her and only knew her through the WWW I will miss further/future posts/input from Sue (and the old ones weren't all about HiFi by a long shot-;).

Here's to further...
Sorry to learn of her passing! I remember her article on the DQ-10's in TAS, among others! They were a favorite of hers! Another perceptive and talented writer gone!
Very sorry to hear about Sue passing. My condolences to you and all of Sue's family. I knew her briefly through Audio Asylum in the past and always enjoyed her posts, her wit, and her knowledge. She had character and spunk, two attributes I've always cherished.
I am so sorry to hear about Sue’s passing.  I truly enjoyed reading her articles in TAS and her take on audio in the forums.  May she Rest In Peace. 
My condolences to you and all of Sue's family. 

Thank you for letting us know. 
Very sorry for your loss. I know Sue was still active on Audio Asylum as soon as last August. I've always liked her reviews. Plus, I have commented a few times in her AA threads. 
My Sincere Condolences! I have always enjoyed Sue's posts on theinternet and met her at a RMAF... Thank you for letting us know.
My condolences.  I enjoyed her reviews and she was one of a very few females in this male dominated hobby.  Perhaps you may not want to disclose this, but if we knew her location it may be much easier to find a home for her audio gear.
Sorry to hear this! Sue was a good writer and she will be missed.

Sue and I spent many hours on the phone as you can probably imagine.

She still has two review samples of ours- a UV-1 preamp and the MP-3 preamp (Atma-Sphere is the brand name). They were both in need of update and we've been trying to get them back for a while, but in the last few months Sue was tricky to contact. There is also a set of Novacrons there but they do not belong to us.
Please accept my condolences as well.   Atmasphere's post brings up an important point,  When Valerie Kurlychek (aka Anna Logg) passed away, I helped the family with selling her gear, and the first thing I did was check with the manufacturers of the gear to make sure it wasn't a loaner or a piece being reviewed.  Those would have to be returned, not sold.  Particularly check for the cables (speaker, interconnect and power), as some reviewers get numerous cables as loaners to help them in their reviews.
Sorry to hear about this. I've passed the word on to a couple of industry friends who knew her as well. Things won't be the same without Suzy.

Brian Walsh
Very sorry to hear.  Sue's review of the Atma-Sphere M-60 amps were instrumental in moving me to purchase them.  I also enjoyed her writing style.

Yesterday I found out about Sue's passing. It was a hard day already being the 15yr anniversary of my husband's death but my husband was an organ donor and Sue received his pancreas and a kidney. My heart broke all over again yesterday when I tried to call her and the number was disconnected. 

I never met Sue in person. She hunted down my phone number after the letter I wrote to the organ recipients. When we talked we'd talk for hours. She always said she felt a special bond between her and my husband. Not just because of the organs. They both loved music and equipment. The sad part is Sue lived in Green Bay, WI. I live only an hour south. 

Does anyone have a picture of Sue? I want to see the woman who brought me tears of joy and hope the last 15 years. Please contact me [email protected] 

-Pam Schneekloth

Fly high my friend. Give Nate a hug for me. 
Hello Pam.
I used to live up in Wisconsin (Rhinelander) and frequently visited a HiFi shop in Green Bay that from what I understand, Sue went to often. The times I was at the store I was always hoping to run into her there, but was never fortunate to do so. She obviously had a keen ear for good music and it's reproduction.

Rest assured she's in a better place. Your husband gave the ultimate sacrifice and Sue was all the better for it.

My condolances for the loss of your husband and friend Sue.
My condolances as well to Ms. Kraft and her family. I rather enjoyed her Audio reviews. She is in a better place.
Oh no!Not sure how I missed this. So sorry to hear of Sue's  passing. I knew her from A A and always enjoyed her reviews. R.I. P.