symphonic line kraft 250

Hi folks, does anyone have experience with Symphonic Line Kraft 250 power amp? I've heard (from some German reviewers) that this one (especially in the monobloc version) has an excellent sound (powerful but very refined with silky, airy hights). If that is the case, I would consider to buy this power amp in the future to replace my Accuphase A-50V, because I think more power would be beneficial in my current system (Dunlavy SC-V speakers). A complete stressfree solid state amp with a refined spacious sound (like well designed OTL's) is on top of my wishlist.
hello didn't you post a thread about Dunlavy 5 vs. Wilson Maxx a couple days ago and the thread mysteriously disappeared? I remember posting on it and cannot find the thread now. Anyway the amplifier was reviewed in stereophile a few years ago by Jonathan scull check their site Archives it may be available free or in a back issue definitely.
a member over at audio circle has some kraft amps go there and ask-