Aural Symphonics Cables

Does anyone have any experience with the Aural Symphonics cables? I did some research online and I went to cable asylum but there are not much information. Apparently these are high end cables but I am surprised by the lack of reviews. Thanks a lot.
I only have the fiber optic data cable but it is light years beyond any other digital link I've tried. Tommy Dzurik is a very knowledgable guy and pretty much makes his stuff by hand one at a time. One reason you don't hear a lot about them or see many used ones for sale is that they are pretty much an end point for good sound (along with a few others ;-)
Nsgarch is right on the money - it can be an ending point for most people as far as cables are concerned. You can spend a lot more, but these cables do most things right. I've got the V5i, V6i, Super As One interconnect and the Hybrid speaker cables.