Anyone use Kraft amplification?

I just bought a new Kraft (symphonic line) intigrated. Just wanted to know what other folks are using and thinking.

Go to and post your inquiry, under Odyssey Audio. Klaus (owner and proprietor) is the distributor and a few folks are using them in their system.
I had a Kraft integrated on loan for some time -- the "big" model -- and was driving a pair of Genesis Vs & Maggie 3,6 with it. I also tried it on a friend's Lowthers. He normally the ubiquitous flea rated SET but, however unlikely it may sound, that integrated had us rocking.

I'm not one to use heavy language (jaw dropping, etc) but, frankly speaking, it's one of the very best amplification devices I've heard, judging by the musical presentation. Of course, being integrated is a plus in this case -- it makes it simpler.

BTW, the phono section (if you have one) is surprisingly good too, and I used that instead of a stand alone Clearaudio I had at the time.
You can probably live with this unit for a very long time and, if the amp upgrade bug hits you, just ignore it and play some music: the bug will go away:)