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Is There Just One Single Album That Does It For You, Completely? Just One.
Camel:  Moon Madness  
The History of Recorded Music: The Re-emergence of the vinyl Record
Indeed, the lecture goes into some of the politics and corporate strategies used to establish a monopoly in the early days of the recorded music industry.  How little things have changed...  
Tuneful Cables by High-End Audio
Can anyone comment on their experience with Chinese "Odin" interconnect cables in comparison to those described above.  In particular, I am looking for a set of interconnects for my low power SET integrated amplifier. I have found that some inter... 
Cable elevators
One thing you might consider is rather than using cable risers,  suspend your speaker cables with string from the ceiling.  The advantage here is your speaker cables can be completely isolated from the power cords and other connectors because afte... 
My turntable sounds like the speed is too slow
The cell phone apps for turntable speed are not accurate.  In my experience they read fast by about .3 to .5 rpm.  If your cell phone app is reading 33.33 chances are your ears are correct and the TT is slow.    
Integrating speakers into contemporary decor - can WAF ever be overcome?
This worked for me: "Honey, I know they are ugly, but they are time aligned, and when you play them they disappear."  
Who are your favorite custom amp builders for low powered triode amps?
The only drawback to buying these simple basic amplifiers from boutique companies is they do not stay in business very long, leaving you with an orphaned product that has poor resale value when you decide to upgrade.  Having said that, I have owne... 
Your Experience Selling on Discogs
Agree the site is easy to post your records.  I did finally receive an email from the staff at Discogs with some explanations and there were some corrections on my charges. I was glad to see that you can get a response from a real person if there ... 
Your Experience Selling on Discogs
I think you mean the buyer pays the sales tax, although on I my invoice it appears as though I paid a sales tax or some kind of tax in addition to the PP fee and Discog fee..  So maybe you are right, the seller pays a sales tax.    
Integrated SET...
I have two integrated SETs, an Elekit with the Lundhal transformers and a Sophia MC-300A driving AG Trios.  Both are excellent, musical amplifiers. You can get a superb sounding SET for about half of what you have available to spend.  The Elekit s... 
What is your experience with the Spin Clean?
Spin Clean is the best record cleaner out there short of an Ultrasonic cleaner.  I have both but have used the Spin Clean for many years with good results.    
SET amplifier (for AvantGarde Duo's-original) recommendations
I have AG Trios and have demoed many amplifiers on these high efficiency speakers.  The good news is you do not have to spend a lot of money on amplification to get really excellent sound. I have two integrated amplifiers that I alternate with as... 
Has something gone wrong @ Stereophile?
Hi Herb, I have always had a high regard for your reviews and colorful, engaging narratives. Thank you for your contributions to the audio world.  Keep up the good work.  
Has something gone wrong @ Stereophile?
Not to shift gears, but what do you all do with accumulated back issues.  I have complete issues going back several years of both TAS and Stereophile.  I would be happy to give them away if anyone wants them. PM me if interested.  
Ultrasonic record cleaners
When trying to restore a poorly cared for older record, this is what I have found works best.  I clean the record with an ultrasound bath using whatever cleaning formula you prefer.  I use plain alcohol and water per the Kirmus recommendation, and...