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More expensive = better?
What @mahgister (and others) are trying to impart onto you is ‘synergy’ matters. That is, how your individual components (including room treatments) work together. You can assemble a very inexpensive system that sounds incredible in the right roo... 
Line Stage Preamps that blew you away $2500 Edition
Another vote for Don Sachs' tube linestage.  
My Last CD player
Check out the Esoteric K-01 or APL NWO-Master (a modified Esoteric UX-1Pi), or consider going the transport/DAC/clock route with an Esoteric P-01/D-01 Transport and DAC w/GORb Rubidium Clock combo. 
A decent preamp to complete my setup?
Look for well maintained vintage gear like Yamaha, Toshiba or Luxman. They had killer phono stages back in the day when vinyl ruled. 
Preamps opinion
I would check out the Don Sachs linestage. Hand built, point-to-point wiring. Uses 6NS7 tubes.You can call and talk to Don directly. He will custom tweak the unit to best fit with your amps.Incredible performance for under $3,000. 
Best Bang for your Buck DAC ?
What is the highest resolution you will be listening to? If you don’t listen to hi-res beyond 96kHz/24bit, then there are some terrific deals to be found in older, higher end DACs (e.g., Ayre, Esoteric, Benchmark, Meitner, etc.) as people upgrade ... 
Reccomend a good preamp for me.
Lots of recommendations for a Don Sachs preamp. I have one and am extremely impressed with it.Don will customize it to your specs. He’s a great guy to talk to.One caveat: Don no longer builds his preamps with balanced outputs. Inputs, yes. Outputs... 
Looking for my Final Pair!!
What is in the rest of your system? Speakers alone cannot give you what you are looking for. It’s all about the synergy. 
Preamp recommendation; ≤ $5k
A Don Sachs linestage is worth considering. He will tweak the output to match your amp’s impedance.They start around $2,600 and you can customize it with better caps. Oops, never mind, I ju... 
Need preamp suggestion
Put the Doge 8 on your radar.It’s an exceptional performer that comes in under your budget. FWIW, Arthur Salvatore rates them quite highly (Class B).Be forewarned that it is very sensitive to your choice of tubes.When I had mine, I ran Siemens ECC... 
Need DAC Ideas
What is the highest resolution you be listening to? Red book? 96kHz? DSD? 
Tube preamp suggestion
You won’t regret buying the Don Sachs.I certainly haven’t. 
Suggest one obsure album we all should hear
Glad to see so much recognition of Pink Martini! Great band!Ok, let’s try again, shall we?The Grapes of Wrath - All the Things I Wasn’t  
Suggest one obsure album we all should hear
Pink Martini - Splendor in the Grass  
How to go about collecting Classical Music
@joanathanje $3,000 is more than enough for a SACD player.Here’s a used Krell SACD MkIII on USAudioMart for $1,600: It’s been upgraded at the factory and the laser mechanism replaced s...