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Best Cable Option: Streamer to DAC
S/PDIF is also limited to 24 bits while USB can pass 32 bits (in case you are interested).Is there an audible difference? Now that’s a loaded question!My feeling is that, all things being equal, yes there is an audible difference.I’m a big propone... 
Gave up my SET----looking for moderate to higher power replacement options
I’ve had KT88 tube amps before and really liked them. Maybe you might as well?Don Sachs makes a really nice one: CAD$3,750 which works out to under US$3,000.I have Don’s linestage. Ver... 
preamp for manley
I would recommend looking at the Don Sachs Linestage. Don will customize it to match your Manley amps.Very high build quality and great sounding to boot!I have one. 
First Watt SIT-3 preamp pairing advice
+1 for Don Sachs linestage. 
Has anybody bought or heard a Chinese knock off amplifier?
I’ve bought quite a few Chinese audio components over the last decade. Mostly mid-fi stuff that I upgraded myself.My first foray was a Music Angel XD800 Mk3 tube amp. It cost ~$600. After upgrading it with about $200 worth of parts, it was an exce... 
What exactly is textural density??
Herein lies the difficulty in describing how our brains process sensory stimuliNo two people interpret this exactly the same.As a musician in an orchestra with 44 other instruments, we spend a lot of time working together to create a rich, multi-l... 
Solid-state preamp with tube power amp
As you've no doubt discerned from the above posts, it's all relative.I've been in this hobby for over 45 years. My $0.02 is that it is easier to build good sounding solid state components AT A CHEAPER PRICE POINT (e.g. sub $1,000) than it is tubed... 
Amp recommendation for Martin Logan Odyssey speakers
Have a look at Coincident  211PP Dragon MK. II monoblocks: (scroll down to the bottom of the page)$11,000 Output Power: 75 watts RMS - 300 watts peak (Triode) / Push-Pull Class A Output Imped... 
Preamp choices:Short list
The Coincident Statement Mk II Line Stage is worth taking a look at: Hand wiredSeparate power supply101D tubes$6,000A review:  
Best tube preamplifier for under $15k
+1 for Don Sachs' linestage. Every one of Don's preamps are customized/optimized to the customer's system.Tremendous value for the $$'s.  
Finally found THE SPEAKER!!!
If you’re looking for that kind of power, consider pro amps (Yamaha, Crown, Soundcraftsmen, etc.).I have a pair of Soundcraftsmen PM860 monoblocks (from the 70’s) that I’ve recapped. They put out 900W at 4Ω. Fed by a tube preamp, they sound wonder... 
Tube amp Friendly Speaker That Sounds like Klipsch Cornwall
Tannoy Prestige Gold Reference 
Tube Preamp to go with Bryston SST2 amp and Magnepan 1.7i speakers
A Don Sachs linestage meets your budget:http// His preamps are based on 6SN7 tubes. They are hand built by Don so he can customize them to match your amp’s impedance.Don’s a great guy and easy to ... 
Amp/Preamp Recommendations
+1 for Don Sachs gear.I have his 6SN7-based linestage.Don does very high quality work and his components are very high performers. 
Need a preamp, new or used.
Another recommendation for tubes. With your budget, you have a lot of good choices....