Bryston 7b St or SST compared with Kraft 250 mono

Hi Folks!
Did any of you out there had the chance to compare the
monos from Bryston with those from the Symphonic Line?
Accordingly to the standard ("Stereotype" file type of) classifications they are both in SS class A, but more seem to swear on "zee German one" then on the Canadian.
There is not any sort of swear at, to either of them, but only prize, as far as I understood.
I would be particularly interested in any links to the
250's pro reviews and opinions about amp/preamp requirements/compatibility (the old "did the Cat kill the Bat, or viceversa?" adagio,applied to this case.
Or did the Kraftwerk monster eat (both of) them alive?
That sort of thing...). Also, about the realy "shy" (impedance) speakers like Apogee Scintilla (0.5 ohms)possible marriage to the "zee Germans".
Would it be "sleeping with the Enemy" (no pun intended),or in Heaven?
The pertinent match to the Bryston monos (which I presently own) is fine, but nothing spectacular, like...the big Spectrals, let's say.
Class A, huge current, very fast slew rate and the wide bandwidth is what makes those ribbons (ribs, lungs, groins) of the Scintilla, realy sing. We know that, but SHE (sweet half, that is) doesn't. So,how can one achieve it in an as "afordable" as possible manner (and without loosing half of his assets, through separation)?
We know that Spectral 360's or Gryphon monos would do IT, but I'm still too young (only 50..) to afford THAT.
Alternately, "the Krafts" seem to be priced more reasonably on second hand deals.
Could it be that the answer comes from the Symphonic Line?Anybody...let me know of what you know. Thanks and cheers!

John / from Transylvania (and yeah, I do favor the Bat...).
to be quite honest, there is no comparsion. SL runs over...
Thanks Timchen,
eventualy I've setled for a pair of Gryphon Reference Monos,
which experts from Germany, say it runs over the Kraft...
So, here is an extremely happy audiophile camper!
there are reference one mono on sale on audiogo for $8000, very attractive!! I will be vry curious about the result b/w
reference one mono vs. kraft 250 mono?? both of them are great amp in today market. do you have close contact with Germany hi end market? i need your opinion.