Power cables for PassLabs preamp and poweramp

I just setup my pass xp20 pre and xa30.5 class A amp, finally moved n unboxed everything after 15 months.  I been wanting 2 try some new pc I now have nordost---soundstrings---AQ----n just bought a shunyata ps 8 package----I find the venom defender does not sound good with the pass equipment.

Those r just a few of the PC I have used in the past, I have been advised 2 go with the Shunyata PC.
I would be thankful for ur input.....I also just ordered Maplewood 4" speaker plinths for my Gallo speakers
because I now have a concrete floor 4 the first time-------player is oppmodwright full mods. 
WyWires Silver Juice II
Kimber PK10 Gold 
Those are what I use and sound great on both Pass and ModWright.
I can't speak to Pass gear specifically but Cerious Technologies PC's were the ones that finally convinced me power cords make a difference. Plus they are quite affordable now that they sell direct.
HiDiamond P4 power cord.
The P3 is a lot of bang for the buck. But the P4 is superior.

Wow thank you for all the input it helps, the cable company is telling me 2 go with the shunyata pc.....but I have my doubts about that......
they did say 2 other pc also that no one mentioned here.....I have always been a Kimber fan n have been hearing good things about WyWires.....Dan Wright is big on them also......of course all the PC mention our good......but its about which matches best with ur equipment.....Thank You Guys....I will do some more research n thinking......henrycai 
I am now going 2 look into all power cords mentioned n there cost as soon as I send this thread.....h
Hi everyone,

I moved fast on this one, I went 2 WyWires sight n filled out a
request a consultation......let them know everything I have in
my system plus room etc.....I received a phone call in a little
over n hour later from WyWires.....They also already new what
kind of sound I was looking for from PC.....because they asked
on line.......We talked awhile n the gentleman recommend -------

silver Juice HC  for Amp---Silver Juice 11 for preamp---same for
Modwright opp powersupply and one for oppo player........for a
total of 4 PC-----Plus they make a special cord 2 replace the
one between the modwright power supply n oppo player.......
so I ordered that cord also for a total of 5----They need a 100
hours burn in----it will be a week or more before I receive my
Maplewood speaker plinths.......so it will be awhile before I
can really find out what kind of sound I will be getting........

I would like 2 thank everyone who gave me input.....n would
be thankful for more.....I still wouldn't mind buying a few other
PC......Still have the Kimbers in my head...sometimes it just
never ends with cables n equipment.....Be Well n Thank You.
Congratulations. You'll love the WyWires. Stick with the WyWires and don't look back at the Kimber's. The Kimber's a fine PC but the WyWires digs deeper at both ends, and a wider stage. I use both and had the Kimber's first; very latest PK10 Golds before they renamed it to the PK10 Ascent... pretty sure it's just a re-name of the same cable. Picked up the WyWires when I moved up the ModWright line. Per Dans suggestion I tried the WyWires PC and Daedalus DiDs and am very pleased. Great move.

Those using the stock PCs on their Pass gear don't know what they're missing. Yeah the manual on my Pass amp says there's no improvement using other PCs, and just use the supplied PC. Definitely made a difference on my amp and I have dedicated circuits to my equipment which makes it more noticeable. Enjoy
I believe all the recommendations from Audiogon members were good and you will be very happy with your selection after they break in. Now when they arrive sit back and enjoy the music!
adg101,  thank you for ur input that info gives me peace of mind,
I also see that Dan like theses wires he has been using them in
his demos, in my 60 plus years I have spent a lot in this hobby
this time I didn't want 2 go overboard, I do feel they our a great
buy, have you tried there interconnect or speaker cable...........

Iak, Thank You for ur input.....henry.
Spend time adjusting your speaker - listening spot placement, and room to perfection, before trying power cables.

Do the big stuff that matters most, before the small things!

after reading all this, just put another Tekline Reference on my Pass pre, and very very pleased with results...no placebo effect, it was sitting in a draw and I didn't care if it sounded better than stock or not...
Henrycai. Have not tried WyWires IC's or speaker cables; only the PC which is a great cable. 

I am so happy with my Clear Day Cables that I use for IC's - both single and balanced, and double shotgun speaker cables with their jumpers I have no desire to look elsewhere. I've compared Clears Days against some heavy hitters from AudioQuest and Kimber. The Clear Days for the money... forget the money; embarrass the big name brands. 

Paul of Clear Days is a great guy to deal with. I use his cables on my system throughout and have no desire to switch them out. They work great on ModWright and Pass gear. Great Cables.
adg101, thanks 4 the input on clear day cables n thank you
everyone 4 ur input n help....Henrycai.
Henri...if you call pass they will tell you that aftermarket cords have no effect on their products..surprised you didn't call them since your big on that lol..
I owned 5 different Pass labs poweramp and monos. I have done many many tests with cables as well.

I had many email conversations with Desmond Harington from Pass Labs about cables.

But also about properties, and which properties you need regarding cables and also powercables.

There is one brand which gave by far the best endresults without any doubt. And this is Purist audio. The latest Purist Audio Limited Edition Luminist brings them to a much higher level.

They are even superior to the best Shunyata powercables. This is how big the differences are in quality and in properties.

First you need to understand the properties of Pass Labs before you can decide which cable you can use. Because they own their personal properties as well.

My simple Kimber PK10 Gold made a noticeable improvement on my Pass amp over the stock cable. My stock cable is in the box and that's where it will stay. Actually the Kimber is a fine PC for the money.
bo 1972....

I understand what you are saying n agree.... that being said
I am no longer willing 2 spend that kind of money on any pc.

I have in the past bought new transparent XL from sound by
singer 8 ft. speaker wire for $4800 plus matching interconnects,
spent this type of money often all these years.....But I no longer
want 2 or feel I need 2 spend this amount of money on any cables.

While were on the subject of PassLabs......I would think Burly wires
made by the gentleman who does the wiring for passLabs Preamps
would also be a very good match for Pass equipment at a very
decent price.......interconnects n speakers wire.......also I did
ask if he made power cords n was sorry 2 hear he does not....

"I have in the past bought new transparent XL from sound by
singer 8 ft. speaker wire for $4800 plus matching interconnects,
spent this type of money often all these years.....But I no longer
want 2 or feel I need 2 spend this amount of money on any cables."

Henry, I am in the same boat.  Been there done it, more than once.  There are very good designers like Alex from Wywires.  I use his PC's you ordered on my amps and have 2 IC's from his silver line, which is what he started with in the beginning.   You will love them especially for the money. 

Good luck on your decision.  

pops thank you for writing.....I plan on getting another cd player
or two.....n may try Burly IC's.... n I will try WyWires IC's...........

I do have the Burly speaker wire now.... But I can't really do
anything now till I get my Maplewood speaker Plinths n
Power Cords....Be Well......Henry


I will....was suppose 2 get a tracking # from WyWires on
Monday never received it......as far as my Maplewood
speaker plinths from mapleshade which I ordered on
3/22/16 also waiting.....I have dealt with them before
2 make wood speakers stands about 10 years ago....

I waited over 3 months no stands so I cancelled that
order.....they said on there site for these plinths 1 or
2 weeks for shipping......plus they were going 2 get
in touch with Gallo 2 find out what size spike fits this
speaker......because they r ready for spikes but do
come with spikes.....instead Gallo gave some gel type crap
2 put under all 4 corners.....so 8 spikes r costing me
another $280...... but I really want the 4" Maplewood
plinths so I am going 2 wait whatever it takes....Henry

it is imperative to post both positive & negative experiences when dealing w/ these companies. Keep me posted and Happy Listening!

 I called WyWires about n hour ago n spoke 2 Alex,
 he said he was sorry n that they ran low on plugs
 n could not get them form there reg supplier ......

so they had 2 order from someone else n should
have them tomorr...... I don't mind...sometimes
life happens n we miss a beat.....Henry

I received them but only listened 2 times so far,
one time for 1 hour n another for 2 hours. I cannot
say a whole lot at this time.....but they did sound
very good right out of the box....the sound is much
clearer n alive n I feel more musical....I was really
surprised that they would make such a difference
that fast...... I have no doubt that I am going 2 like
them.....when I get sometime 2 listen more I will
let everyone know what I'm getting from them.....
b0_1972 is correct.  The Purist LE is the most amazing AC power cord anywhere near it's price.  Once you hear it, you can't go back.  It has unanimously won blind AC shootouts since it's inception in 2010.
The PK-10 is for the money exeptional, but when you use the latest LE powercables it sets the Pass labs to a superior level.

I owned the XA100.5 and used the Purist Aqueous 20th Ann pwercables. Later I also owned the X250.5 and now comes the clue.

When I bouyght my first LE powercable. The quality of the X250.5 went to a totally different level.

It even became more complete compared to the XA100.5. So with the best powercabels you can outperform een Pass labs power amos what is twice the price.

I have done thousands of test in almost 18 years of time. People are able to get a very low level out of speakers and amps as well. I have proven this over and over again. 

With the best powercables you can create a difference in endresult what is almost hard to believe.

I can garantee you 100% that with a Pass labs X350.8 wiht a new LE powercable I will outperform a X600.8 set with Shunyata powercabels.

This is a part most people don;t know. Because thye never tested it. I test to create new information to create superior endresult.

The biggest problem in audio is that people are not aware of the properties of each single part. I have learned myself to think in properties.

That is why I work by Tru-Fi and this makes audio so much more effective. I can beat any highend shop in the world with ease in endresult.

Why? Because all sets I auditioned in 2015 at shows, shops, distributers and new clients were all incomplete.

When I ask the question which properties owns all the different parts of this set no one can answer it.

That is why audio is one big F. guess? Over and over again it is the same outcome. I learned to look further because I became aware that the way audio is being used is extremely ineffective.



Audio is all about realism of the music. You need to understand how the emotion of us human beings is created.

The Purist Audio Limited had a burning period of over 21 days. And this 24 hours a day. I really hated this!
Pass Labs creates a wide and deep stage, but individual focus of instruments and voices is not as palpable and intimate as in real.

I had many conversations about this with Desmond in the past. He said that the .8 series is more intimate and sharper focussed.

That is why MIT and Shunyata doesn't make sense. Because they own the wrong properties you need.

Pass labs with MIT and Shunyata has nothing to do with how music sounds and is being build as a stage. 

That is why people need to go back to basic. Start listening  to acoustic music. This way distributers and shops give customers the wrong thoughts about music and audio.

In highend it is even worse, I visited people with expensive sets and the endresults were often so low. 

The price you pay doesn't garantee you anything. The word highend is a farce as well. Because it is used the wrong way. Many people believe that expensive audio will give you the best sound possible.

The people who write about it, are often paid. So people get the wrong ideas and thoughts about brands and audio. 

In 18 years of time I seldom auditioned sets who owned all parts of Tru-Fi. This says it all that the way how people create audio sets is ineffective.

When you are not aware of the properties of each part, you never will understand why the sound and stage is what you hear. 

This is the reason why I have done thousands of tests to understand it. 
I sold ( for 9 years of time) and owned Nordost Valhalla ( for 12 years) cables and also the powercables. These days in shows I often see them.

Before I auditioned a set with the new Nordost Valhalla I said: we will have about 1 metre of depth. So some people( also working in audio) listen to it and say: yesss you are right. Audio has become for me so predictable.

People who work in audio for years don’t even know the properties of the product they represent. What the F...are you doing in audio?

I think this question can be asked to most people in audio. They are responsible for all those sets who play at low level. People get the wrong advice over and over again.
Hi Guys,

I want 2 thank everyone 4 there input....but I would like
2 add once again.....I have spent a lot of money on
this hobby for the last 40 years or so..... I no longer
feel the need or want 2 spend $2,000 or $3,000
on power cords that cost $100 or less 2 make.......

I feel $500 or $600 is good enough.....I also feel
that the WyWires PC our a find sounding cord
plus will mate my Pass equipment just fine.......

I think we all know that there will always be something
better or different......how much better....how much more..
after all my years this does get boring....Remember
people make BIG BUCKS off Cable .... I guess you
can call it the Big Ripoff......because it really is........

Hope I didn't piss anyone.....be well.....Henry.
Most tests I did in almost 18 years were with cables. That is way cables are a component in each set I create.

All my tests were in many different price ranges. Always to find the best for the money. Based on all the tests I did I can say that over 95% of all products in audio shops are not worth the price they cost.

As a perfectionist I hate the inferior products in audio the most. Because they don’t add anything in the world of audio. For customers it is difficult to judge because most people in audio are not honest and miss the insight and knowledge need for music and audio.

The thing I hate a lot are the paid tests in audio. Because they give the wrong information of the real quality a product owns.

The world of audio is getting smaller each year and they way of how audio is presented this proces cannot be stopped. I think it is time to change it.

Audio only can win when it becomes more transparent and the focus will be more on quality and music. Every person loves music, so you need to find a way to make more people enthousiastic.

Real musical emotion is the only way to create a better world for audio. And make more people want it. The quality and knowledge in audio at this moment are not strong enough to give the people what the would like to get.

That is why there is a need to do things differently!


 Thank you 4 the info. will keep it in mind......
 have not been listening much lately but I do
 like the life WyWires PC brought 2 the music....

 I just ordered 3 Burly IC....should arrive on the
 5/12......I already have the Burly speaker cable...

 then I will start listening again......But I still have not
 received my maple shade speaker plinths.........so
 till then I do not feel I will know what my system
 really sounds like....anyone have any input for
 speakers  for my pass equipment....Henry.
As above,
we have Kimber, Purist Audio and Wy Wires mentioned.
Any other PC (s) worth mentioning to mate with Pass Labs gear?
Of the amps brand I've owned (Pass, Conrad Johnson, Cary, Bel Canto, Acurus), PCs made the least impact on my Pass; which came as a welcome relief. 

 I was surprised myself....but they made a big difference....
 I spoke 2 Alex at WyWires after I sent him info on my
 equipment.... he recommended these PC n I bought
 them.....I have not done a ton of listening so far but
 they brought life 2 the sound....made it clearer n
 sounded nice n musical......I could have returned
 them n got my money back but I kept all 5 of them.

I cannot speak for anyone else's system.....but I
feel they are a great buy for the money....henry.    
Glad to hear the WyWires worked out. Alex makes great cables and my Pass amp as well improved with them. The Silver Juice II  PC was my first WyWires purchase and since then I have added the Silver model balanced IC and speaker cables. They replaced my Clear Day Cables which are great cables for the money. I'm keeping the Clear Days but they will go into another system. WyWires are some of the most open and honest cables I have had in my system. Not saying they are not a little of a tone control but I think they do little to alter things and just get out of the way. With WyWires in my system, my speakers have disappeared better than ever. Flat out, Alex makes great cables and they sound great with Pass and ModWright. Glad to hear another satisfied WyWires user. Companies like Clear Day Cables and WyWires make this hobby fun; honest people with a great product and great to talk too. 

I agree will try there balanced IC later down the road.... I
just put on the burly IC n already have burly speaker cables
on......only ran them 4hrs so far so i can't really say what
they sound like.....I am enjoying building this system n
looking forward 2 trying more WyWires cables etc.......

Also thinking about getting Acoustic Zen Adagio speakers....
or Tannoy Revolution XT 8..... thanks 4 writing...henry.
A little food for thought... Frank Dickens, the owner of Silent Source cables is basically on staff with Pass- they voice their equipment with his cables and power cords. I don’t own Pass equipment but I do own Frank’s cables and power cords and couldn’t be more pleased.
looking at the Silent Source pricing, I can understand why Pass doesn't include them as standard with each amp...