Pictures for an ad

Granted, it probably is safe. But I always find it amazing when sellers shoot pictures of their items by placing them on the carpeted floor on their FACE and then on their rear side. Odd. Honestly, just set it on a frickin' counter!

Check out the recent Theta Compli ad.
Agree. Not a good idea.
Always makes me question how well the item has been cared for overall.
I just looked at that ad. I agree, that's pretty stupid. I'm really surprised it didn't fall over.
Plus, the carpet looks filthy, like it's full of dogshit stains. I don't think I would buy that player.
nothing good will come from this post
Haha, this is hilarious. It's always bothered me. How about on the sidewalk or deck? These are the book smart people that took 3 tries to pass their drivers test. Nothing wrong with them, but don't buy from them under any circumstances. I have a brother in law with this syndrome. He closes the trunk of his car with keys in hand (the hand he's closing the trunk with) and he can't use a screwdriver (I'm serious). These people do NOT take care of their equipment. They also don't beat on it but the housekeeping is nil.
Pleae avoid those ads.. Simple. If you think the seller is an idiot, then do not buy.
With stupid photos you get to realize the seller is an idiot right off. If everyone had professional photos, only after the sale would you perhaps make that discovery.
With bad photos, you know beforehand.

So keep up the bad pics....
Who really cares anyway.
Let next happy owner be happy.
I care if I want to buy something. I like to see detail, for instance, when buying tubes. For the big equipment it really just confirms that the seller has what they say they have, and general condition. I like it when they include pictures of all sides. I find it ridiculous that some sellers include a picture of the face from 4 different angles and fail to picture the back. How they do it is only important if they get the light they need and some detail shots.
I love the photos of the component covered with six years of dust. Apart from the environment the company has been subjected to, what does it say about the seller to have not even thought to spend three whole minutes cleaning something they're selling? Also, maybe it's just me, but I seem to notice these sellers often ask top dollar for the component.
It goes to how well you imagine the person takes care of their equipment.

I always insist on pictures (close-ups) of the seller's teeth. If they don't take care of their teeth, do you really think they'll take of their equipment?

I also like to pictures of their lawn. In my experience a well kept lawn -- a well kept stereo rig!

I also ask for pictures of the family. If the kid(s) look unruly or even a little radical, then no will buy. If you can't properly raise a kid, then what are the chances of maintaining a turntable.

Records of auto maintenance are extremely useful in judging a potential seller. IMO a man who rotates his tires every 8,000 miles is a man who can be trusted.

Finally, if after all this info I'm still a little unsure about buying from someone I give them the opportunity to write a 400 word essay on the subject of "Why Should I Buy Anything From Them".

Once I have all the requested info I can then start the negotiation on price. You just can't be to picky about who you buy used audio equipment from on the internet.

Good list :).

I would also request finger prints of the kids to verify that they have not touched the equipment. Might as well as request hair samples from the pets.
One single picture , top of the shipping box. Really?
By now maybe macdonj would have see this thread (FWIW)