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AQ Hurricane and Firebird cords. ¬†Also some Shunyata alpha cords. 
AudioQuest SKY revisit
I have using Sky for many years have recently started upgrading to the Wild and WEL. The Wild sounds more natural with fuller sound and better imaging compared to Sky. The Sky is a very good cable but once you hear Wild, it 's a bit hard to go bac... 
Pictures for an ad
Onhway,Good list :). I would also request finger prints of the kids to verify that they have not touched the equipment. Might as well as request hair samples from the pets. 
Audio Research Corp Ref 5 SE
Bifwynne,Glad to hear that you are enjoying the REF5SE. I am sure the long wait for the upgrade was well worth it. I just hit 750 hours on my unit after 18 months. 
Krell Evo 402e vs Evo 400 mono and Evo 202/Phantom
Great setup! I also have the Ref5SE and almost bought the EVO 400 as well but got the 403E for music and HT. The Ref5SE mates really well with Krell EVO amps.I also run the Ref5se with Ref 250 for music. 
What amplifiers should I have for Dyn Temptation.
Skyserve,I don't know much about the 400cx but I had the 350mcx for a few years then upgraded to 450mcx. I can tell you from experience that the 450 MCX is a much better amp than the 350 MCX. The power is difference is suppose to be only a 100 wat... 
Stable 12V DC power supply
Connect a power resistor load to meet the minimum load required by the power supply. 
Can you smell your speakers when youre rockin out?
You are probably smelling the varnish from the voice coil heating up. If you can smell it, you are driving your speakers way too hard. The voice coil will eventually open if you keep it up. 
Amp power for Revel Studio2
You'll need around 250-300 watts to hear the full potential of these speakers. I had the Studio 1 and tried using a Proceed AMP 5 at 125W/ channel and it sounded ok. Then I drove them with Krell 450W monoblocks and the speakers came alive. The Stu... 
Ar ref 5+ krell evo 402e
I have an ARC Ref 5SE driving a Krell 403E and it's a very good combination. I also have ARC Ref 250 amps as well and depending on type of music, I switch back and forth between the two amps. The 402E will match very well with Ref 5- highly recomm... 
This may sound a bit silly but why are so many
Frank,Here's the link:http://www.audioaficionado.org/audio-research/16218-reference-10-preamplifier.html 
This may sound a bit silly but why are so many
Reference 10 is coming out as a replacement for the ref40. 
Parasound JC-1 - Standby during playback?
It's possible that when both amps are turned on the same time, the line voltage may drop due to high inrush current and cause the amps to go into standby. You can try turning on one amp at a time see if the problem goes away. 
how good is the Krell HTS 7.1 pre-amp for 2ch?
Hughp3,To get access to the jumper, you need to remove the cover. There is a small jumper on a small circuit board near the input connectors. Remove the jumper and the capacitor will be in the circuit to prevent dc voltage from getting into the am... 
how good is the Krell HTS 7.1 pre-amp for 2ch?
Why do you need to modify the amps if you use a tube preamp? If you are concerned about dc offset, the Krell has a jumper inside that will allow you to use a tube preamp. No modification is needed. I had the same amps.