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Just received my B&W 802's: One tweeter doesn't work - HELP!
It’s unlikely the crossover since tweeter from your 803D works in the 802D.  Have you measured the resistance of the bad tweeter?  You can measure the one from 803D for reference and compare the two.  Typically it’s between 4 to 8 ohms.  The voice... 
Repair service for Revel B15 subwoofer
You can try looking for a replacement amp assembly for the B15.  I replaced the amp on my B15 a few years ago. It may be difficult to fix at a shop since some of the parts may be difficult to find these days.  Worst case,  you can run the sub with... 
Velodyne subwoofer
Either power cord will work fine.   
Thoughts on the Krell 402
The Krell 402E is a great amp.  I have the 403E which is three channel version and it’s a monster amp weighting in at 200 lbs.  It’s a bit of hassle when it needs service.  I recently had to send it for minor service and the shipping cost was more... 
Electrostatic headphone amplifier recommendation
I recently got a KGSS amp for the Stax 009 which replaced a Stax 007tii.  The KGSS is definitely much better than the 007tii.  More dynamics and better bass.  There are many versions of KGSS and you should read up on it at headfi.org.  I paid $220... 
Audio Research No Longer Has A CD Player In Its Product Lineup
I had the CD 8 for many years and now my father is using it.  No issues at all.  Also have had theCD 9 for 6 years and no Issues either.   
Pass Labs X1 or Krell Phantom II
Ymlee,I use an Ayre dac with xlr into evolution 707 >> krell 403E.  It sounds pretty good to my ears.  I have not tried a krell source device with cast output. 
Pass Labs X1 or Krell Phantom II
Hello,I used to have pass X1 preamp many years ago. It’s a very good unit, but I find it a bit on the warm/dark and lack a bit of detail.  It was used with Krell amps as well.  I am currently using krell 403E with krell evolution 707 processor/pre... 
KRELL 707, HDMI input and output (including audio and video) does not respond!
You might try removing the HDMI board and cleaning the contacts with contact cleaning solution.  The HDMI board can be removed  by removing two screws on back.  The top cover has to removed so that you can carefully push the circuit board out. Giv... 
Does it worth a upgrade to Dolby Atmos?
I have also thought about upgrading to a processor with Atmos, but sound quality is highest priority. Unfortunately, there aren’t many very end processors available now that’s also good for 2 channel music. I have had Krell Foundation and S1200.  ... 
I have used an Ayre KX-R with a krell 403E for the past couple of months and it sounds really good.  In general, Krell evolution amp works well with Lots of preamps.  I have used Pass labs, Audio Research ref5se, and ref6 as well.   
Krell Fpb 300 engage capacitor for tube preamp
If I remember correctly, there is a small circuit board that is attached to the input connectors and the capacitor to block DC is on this board.  There is also a small jumper on this board.  The bypass jumper on this connector need to be removed t... 
Audio Research Ref 6 SE
So has anyone heard the SE upgrade?  What is your impression? 
Ksa 300s
Are you using rca or balanced cables?  If rca, you need to connect a jumper pin between pins 1 and 3 of input balanced connector on amp.  The negative input must be shorted otherwise you will have noise issue. 
Problem with Ref 5SE
Were the tubes removed and packed separately in a box during shipping as it’s supposed to be.  How many hours on the tubes?