Peep hole thumbnail pictures in listed items

Is this really a improvement over what was ?? I personally hate this new crap, want to list some items for sale but will not with this garbage in place. Am I the only one that feels this way ??

The powers that be ... please revert to what was!!
Open the AudiogoN home page, enter a search for a brand, it should show the grid view with the wacky hole photos.
Now, in the upper right hand of the page, just below the yellow line there is a button with 3 parallel lines, next to the date listed window, click it and choose Classic View. It will save it's self and become your default.

Agreed.  Looks like somebody at A'gon found a new toy on their computer and ran amok with it to the benefit of no one.  @dill thanks for the tip. 

Everyone hates the portal/peephole thing for photos. I have no idea why any designer would think it's a good idea. It makes zero sense.The fact that they don't remove it means there is something wrong with the management and decision making at Audiogon. 
Geezzz, so just change it, just 2 mouse clicks.
Man, why would anyone who wants to buy some nice equipment get hung up over presentation???

Change. Relax. It is everywhere and Audiogon is just trying to stay current. This is the absolute first place I look to buy and I buy about a grand a month in audio. List it, for Christ sake.

Thank you dill ... yes the classic view much better! 

To troutchoker

Presentation is everything, don't need no stinking little peep-hole pic to decide if I want to persue further. Folks like dill offer real solutions where you just gripe. Choke on that Garp!