Not really stating a new discussion so I won’t reply here, but many of you have asked for pictures in my recent posts regarding subs & speakers. Just to let you all know that I finally got a few shots up on my system page today. If you have comments, maybe you can go back to those original posts and comment there? Not great pics, but you’ll get the idea.

Take it easy on me!



Okay! Nice gear but in regard to the SQ- for you to realize the full potential of what you have you need to look into getting rid of that big overstuffed furniture so you can pull those speakers out away from the front wall. No piece of gear is ever going to overcome that.

Looks like a nice place, nice equipment.

funny thing about pulling out off the back wall. the speakers bass will cancel a bit from 39” to 7.2’… so it will alway cancel at some frequency once you add wall,floor, ceiling bounce. Anyway from a pure technical standpoint 36” off the rear wall is a good place. It is far enough to improve soundstage but gets you out of the 60hz cancelation zone that is just a little farther out. Genelec has a good video about it. My solution is subs by the wall and speakers out into the room.


Does anyone know why I can't see or post pics here?  Do I need special permission via dues or something?



you should be able to see pictures. They are in his system page not in the thread. Click on his name to see the page. 

Nice, my only comment is you need to move those towers away from the front wall if at all possible. You lose so much this way, like zero 3d effect.

Thanks James633.  Tried that but is a no-go.  Can't see any avatar pics either...must be something with my PC or browser.

The system and spotting scope are lovely.  What I really want to see is a picture of the view from that window.  The small glimpse is not enough.

That's a remarkable Picture and really cool seeing the birds along the lake.  I have a Swarovski spotting scope I used to use before I moved know its in a box collecting dust.

You must love watching approaching storms. 

You are a very lucky individual. Thank you very much.

@jumia - Actually, it's an open bay to the Pacific Ocean. I haven't had a lot of luck in my life but yes, I'm outta my mind lucky with where I live. Just wish I could set up my stereo a bit better.