New Music Recommendations 2012

We have a wealth of musical wisdom here and it seems many enjoy having an ongoing thread were we can share new music finds with the rest of the forum. Here we go!

If you're enthusiastic about a new album you've picked up feel free to tell us about it. Post, discuss, inform....but be civil:)

No genre limitations, anything goes as we have all sorts of interests here. Classical, Jazz, Indie, Folk, Rap, R&B, Blues, Techno, Ambient, Modern Classical and on and em all..

Let the music play.......
My favorites so far:

Fiona Apple "The Idler..."
Leonard Cohen "Old Ideas"
Dead Kenny Gs "Gorelick" (EP)
Galactic "Carnivale Electrios"
Heartless Bastards "Arrow"
Damien Jurado "Maraqopa"
Winterpills "All My Lovely Goners"

I have high hopes for the new Smoke Fairies LP but haven't received it yet.
Here's a few of mine:

Blind Pilot-"We Are The Tide"
Ivy Mairi-"No Talker" (on the Cowboy Junkies Label)
Janie Jones-"Soundtrack to Movie"
+1 for Damien Jurado's Maraqopa.
Glen Hansard - Rhythm and Repose
TV On The Radio - Nine Types Of Light, released in 2011 but I recently got it and enjoy it.
I picked up the 40th Anniversary Edition of Jethro Tull's Aqualung and found it to be much better than the original.
Steve Wilson done an excellent job at remastering this classic.
This has been a pretty good year for music. Personal favorites:

Rodney Crowell - Kin
Susanna Hoffs - Someday
John Mayer - Born and Raised
Memphis Boys - The Story Of American Studios
Verdi - Complete Ballet Music from the Operas (Naxos)

I second the Glen Hansard recommendation.
I just ordered the Genesis (1970-1975) 180g box set. It includes six albums from the group's early days. Rhino Records remastered/re-issued the albums with excellent results (I'm told). Prior to buying the box set, I purchased a single Genesis (Rhino) LP entitled "Nursery Chryme" just to make sure the reissued/remastered LP meets expectations-it does! I agree with most individuals that Genesis was in rare form in the early days before they went top-40 radio. If you're a Genesis fan and remember the early sessions with Peter Gabriel, this is a must-buy. Enjoy!
Wescoman - Can you provide a link where those can be purchased? Thanks in advance.
i have the SACD`S and they are excellent SQ
Would people mind adding a genre tag to their recs? If this thread grows long, as I hope it will, it wd make finding new tunes easier.


Some recommendations above for Damien Jurado's latest, I'd like to also mention his 2006 release And Now I Am In Your Shadow (Folk Rock). This for me is a much better record and what he does best. I appreciate the growth and willingness to expand as an artist, Maraqopa is almost progressive rock but his darker, slow and hazy folk stuff is the guys wheelhouse. Not trying to discourage that record, I actually do like it quite a bit.

I've had Where Shall You Take Me for a few years and always love it. I recently got ...Your Shadow and have to say it's his best work. A great record in every way. It's also a real nice recording as are most of his releases.
Ensemble Caprice -- Telemann & The Baroque Gypsies
Various -- Jazz in an R&B Groove, HighNote HCD 6012
Various -- Rhythm Country and Blues
Anne Akiko Meyers -- AIR, The Bach Album

Some are pre-2012, but all are great.
Richard, I have put Your Shadow in my Amazon cart because your 2011 recommendations were so enjoyable once I decided to "listen outside the box" of my historical tastes.

I have really enjoyed music more lately with my new Zu Essence speakers and the collection of 2011 selections.
Rok2id...Didn't mean for the thread to be limited to 2012
releases, more just new music to us that we wanted to
recommend to others. I just put a year on it thinking we'd
start one every year. Thanks for the contribution!

Obrown...Hope you enjoy it too, love that record. Also good
to know you're enjoying the music these days:) I think this
forum has helped many of us experience some great new music.

And...another pretty cool album going here. Jason Simon
(S/T} (Folk Rock/Stoner Rock). He's only released one solo
album, this self titled on Tee Pee Records in 2006, the rest
of the time he's with a band called Dead Meadow that I'm not
as fond of. This album is really growing om me. Some of it
reminds me of Jason Pierce with a folk country twang, it's
got that psychedelic vibe to it like Spiritualized. Anyway,
I'm really digging on it so thought I'd post.
NY Gypsy All-Stars - Romantech

Sao Paulo Ska Jazz

Arturo Sandoval Big Band - Dear Diz

Outstanding records that, while individually the tracks are great, the records are best experienced whole!
The Black Swans "Occasion For Song" [Folk/Rock]

I confess, I root for my home town. Most prolly don't think
of Columbus, Ohio as a music town but man back in the day
there were guys/bands that should have rocked the
world...and sure as hell rocked some bars here. Bands like
Great Plains, Gaunt, The New Bomb Turks, Scrawl, Bassholes,
Cheater Slicks, Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments, The
Haynes Boys. Legendary artists (some still at it well into
their 50's)...Ron House, Don Howland, Marcy Mays, Tim
Easton, Derek Dicenzo just to mention a few. I could write
volumes on those guys both personally and professionally.
Quietly, many of them have been major influences to popular
music today (The White Stripes would not exist if not for
Don and The Bassholes and on and on).

So many late nights at Staches/Little Brothers.....but that
was a long time ago, now. I stopped following local music as
time wore on and staying out till 4am was/is just not
happening anymore. Other than our annual visits to Comfest I
have no idea who the local bands are nor have I for a

I'd heard of The Black Swans, occasionally written up in the
Dispatch or Other Paper here in town and even on Pitchfork,
Mojo and some other music sites. Recently I came across some
press raving their new record and picked it up on a whim. At
first listen I new this was special. It's simple music with
gentle banjo, warm organ in the background and a solid
country/folk rhythm section. Timeless and American at heart.
But it's Jerry Dicca's words and voice that makes this a
record with depth and soul. I highly recommend this album
and will be off to find their others today. Easily one of
the better records I have heard this year, regardless of
where they hail from.

Link to Portsmouth Ohio from the new album on Soundcloud:

Link to Pitchfork review:
So many great ones this year: Beach House, Calexico, Jimmy Cliff, Jonathan Wilson, Jack Johnson
Ben Howard __ Every Kingdom

A performance on the order of Van Morrison's Moondance. A landmark pop-folk album. Outstanding lyrics, original and stirring music, soulful performance. An artist to be reckoned with. Don't miss this one.

Richard, Columbus is home to one of the best American rock bands bow working, Two Cow Garage. Sadly, they seem to have turned down a it, but worth a show if you've not seen them.

A little OT here (sorry)


I picked up 2CG's "Speaking In Cursive" at your recommendation and really like it quite a lot. I can't seem to find a sanely priced copy of "Wall Against out Backs", so I was wondering what the next choice in their catalog might be?



PS It sounds to my ear like some of the quirky rhythms on Cursive seem to predict the Mumford & Sons sound.
Hi Marty.

If I could not get WAOB, my next choice would be III. TCG has progressively smoothed out their sound, and progressed beyond their garage-country roots. This is arguably a good thing -- as it arguably was for Wilco -- but not quite my bag.

If WAOB is out of print, feel free to send me a PM ( and we'll see what we can do.



DeepChord "Sommer" (Field Recording, Techno, Dub Techno, Ambient)

We've been inundated with Echospace releases lately with last months "Silent World" releases, "Sommer" and the upcoming "Summer Night Versions" and lucky for me as this is easily one of my favorite artists. They have yet to disappoint and the bar is set sky high. Rod Modell continues to grow and demonstrate why he is at the forefront of electronic music. His sound is immediately distinguishable with analog warmth, atmosphere and beats that seem to rise and fall from places that only he is capable of pulling from. He creates those rare sonic spaces that transport, that breathe with life and posses a soul.

I'll spare y'all any attempt to describe this record and only offer my absolute highest recommendation. This is a desert island record for me.

Evening Hymns "Spectral Dusk" (Folk Rock, Folk)

Real nice record. Pretty, well played and well written.


From their Bandcamp page:

Evening Hymns are sung from the cathedrals of tall trees. They capture the spirit of moments, of friends around a bonfire on a foggy beach, the crunching of snowshoes in the silence of a winter night and memories of tribal boys growing up with pellet guns, fishing rods, and handmade forts.

Spectral Dusk covers very personal issues, and takes Evening Hymns to the next level, musically and lyrically, from their acclaimed debut record‚ Spirit Guides (2009). A study of loss, pain, and hope and a pathway drawn out of the dark into the light, Spectral Dusk finds Jonas Bonnetta dealing, through music, with the loss of his father three years ago. This record spills its guts out on the floor, and yet so softly it leaves the listener no option but to reflect on their own mortality. An album as dense as it is spatial, Spectral Dusk moves from droning bliss (Irving Lake Access Road) into anthemic chants (Cabin In The Burn). A record to be experienced more than listened to. An environment to exist in for an hour. A small retreat from the world.

Recorded in a log cabin in Northern Ontario with the band’s closest friends, it features members of The Wooden Sky, Timber Timbre, City and Colour, and more.

Spectral Dusk is being released in Canada on Shuffling Feet Records (distributed by Outside), in Germany on Strange Ways Records and in France on Kütu Folk Records, and will be supported with tours in Canada and Europe later this year.
Forgot Alabama Shakes. Love the raw and soulful sound.
The Brothers Comatose - Respect the Van.
Gene Harris -- In His Hands

Original Broadway Cast -- Ain't Misbehavin' (Fats Waller)
Ben Howard __ Every Kingdom

Great recommendation, I've listened to it a couple times now. Get this album!
Every Kingdom by Ben Howard is a fantastic album!!
You can take a free listen on Spotify too.

Angel Olsen "Half Way Home"

Beautiful stuff. Think female Will Oldham with a timeless voice.
through the graces of my new true love, MOG, i went on a manic new release binge. my comments thus far:
bob mould, silver age. the ever-intense one is back to rocking really hard--this sounds like his classic 90s stuff with sugar. never known for a rich sonic palette, he pretty much sticks to his basic angsty barrage. which is a damn good thing.
animal collective, centipede. apparently a big critic's band--they won the pazz and jop poll a couple of years ago. they do that beach boys-meet pink floyd thing that seemingly every other indie band is doing. they're pretty good at it,too--exploratory and psychedelic--but after awhile you can't help but notice that they don't actually have any songs.
cat power, sun. another much-hyped tortured artist type. for some odd reason i keep buying her records, although she doesn't rock, isn't very tuneful and doesn't sound very interesting.
Cat Power's "Sun" arrived today. First spin is very extremely well recorded album.
Scars on 45 is my favorite new release this year. Great songs that make use of two really good singers, one male and one female. The woman, Aimee Driver, has a beautiful voice with a haunting quality to it. I guess they'd be considered Indie.
Alt-J: An Awesome Wave (LP...UK import).

It's been stuck on my turntable for a couple of months now.
Someone is another thread mentioned Casandra Wilson's new release, "Another Country". Give it a listen.

Grizzly Bear "Shields"

Wow. I'm not too big on indie bands these days but I ran across a pre-release (actual release 9/18) copy of this and it's very special. Like I said to! Very highly recommended. Very. I really hope this is available in high rez.
I posted Angel Olsen's latest here last week. Very glowing review this morning on Pitchfork:
just loaded most of the above on mog. best i've heard of late is the fresh & onlys, long slow dance--sorta 80s jangly guitar pop; i hear traces of the smiths and the poppier side of the church--distinctive vocals and good guitars with actual hooky songs that embed in your head after a while. rewards repeat listens.
If you like Nick Drake's Pink Moon and you like early music, check out Requiem for a Pink Moon, by Joel Frederiksen and Ensemble Phoenix Munich, on Harmonia Mundi.
Grizzly Bear - Shields. 180g gold vinyl. Music 9/10; recording/pressing 6/10

Dead Can Dance -Anastasia 180g. Music 9/10: recording/pressing 7/10

Glenn Hansard - Rhythm and Repose 140g. Music 10/10; recording/pressing 10/10
New DBs (excellent production by Scott Litt), Calexico, No Doubt
Gaithers -- Atlanta and Kennedy Center Homecomeings

Labi Siffre -- So Strong
one of the few CDs with no filler or weak tracks. Great Songs, Great Voice and Great Sonics.
I happened across a new group (I think it's just one guy) called Borealis Self titled album. It's pretty awesome if you like electronic music it's worth checking out. It's the album with the spine on the cover
Lisa Marie Presley's latest -- Storm and Grace -- produced by T-Bone Burnett, is breathtakingly good. Lucinda Williams-esque but deeper and more mysterious sounding.

This is a landmark album, mark my words.

The Mountain Goats "Transcendental Youth"

Johon Darnielle does it yet again, the guy is a machine.
Another brilliant record, highly recommended as are each and
every record in his catalog.

oats+white+cedar&usg=AFQjCNE6XLMdOu6yLaYD3CKHpU00K2WUwg] of my favorite TMG songs as well as one of my
favorite song titles, Ezekiel 7 and The Permanent Efficacy
of Grace. Not from the new record but sure is a hell of a
video... [
A mix from 2012 in the electro-acoustic, ambient, electronic, drone, neo-classical genres that I like:

Greg Haines - Digressions
Keith Kenniff - Branches
Olan Mill - Paths
Ex Confusion - Embrace
Pjusk - Tele
Ryan Teague - Field Drawings
I didn't notice any mention of Mark Knopflers new release 'Privateering'. Some think it's his best. I've only heard one track so far and it was impressive. I'll post my thoughts on the entire release (it's a double) when I get it later this week.
Rbrowne - Some beautiful music there. I have all of those except the Pjusk and Ex Confusion which I'll check out. Thanks!
Richard_stacy, it would appear that we are musically kindred spirits. From 2011 I would add:

Marconi Union - Beautifully Falling Apart (Ambient Transmissions Vol. 1)
A Winged Victory For The Sullen - A Winged Victory For The Sullen
Harold Budd & Robin Guthrie - Bordeaux
Leyland Kirby - Eager To Tear Apart The Stars
Nils Frahm - Felt
Black Swan - In 8 Movements
Antonymes - The Licence To Interpret Dreams
Olafur Arnalds - Living Room Songs
Dustin O'Halloran - Lumiere
Harold Budd - In The Mist
Ryan Teague - Causeway
Robert Haigh - Strange And Secret Things
Dakota Suite & Emanuele Errante - The North Green Down
Emanuele Errante - Time Elapsing Handheld
Hauschka - Salon Des Amateurs
Nicholas Szczepanik - Please Stop Loving Me

Olan Mill is releasing Home next week, which promises to be stellar. Limited edition CD of 300 copies.

I'd love to hear about some of your favorites. Hopefully others will be exposed to some overlooked and under explored musical genres.

Anyone interested in the electronic, ambient, neo-classical musical genres check out Fluid Radio Click on the Channel 1 link for streaming music.

BTW, I am also a fan of Rhythm & Sound!