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Found Music Blade Amplifiers
Thanks everyone.  The sound continues to improve with break-in, although I'm appear to be reaching steady state with>250 hours.  I'm excited to hear the changes (if any) when my SRA Ohio stands arrive in a couple of weeks.  Salectric, the amps ... 
Found Music Blade Amplifiers
Thank you Charles.  I'm still trying to completely take the measure of things, but it feels great to be 'done' with big purchases.  Plan on doing the little tweaks (better outlets, etc) that can make a big difference.  Hope you can visit sometime.   
New Jazz Releases
Avishai Cohen's "Dark Nights" from last year is killer..Just got JD Allen's "Graffiti"....the man seems unable to make anything less than an extraordinary record.Rudresh Mahanthappa's "Bird Calls" is excellentLike my initial spin of Chris Potter's... 
Artists/Lps you should be aware of.
The Eilen Jewell LP is killer... 
LCR phono stages we know about
Lewm --I certainly do not have the technical background to comment intelligently on your question...all I know is it sounds good! :-) 
LCR phono stages we know about
Lewm --Sorry I missed your post from last week. The 'Kahn' in Kahn phono stage refers to the metalworker who implemented the design of the box -- very steampunk!As to the performance...spectacular. I have experimented with tube rolling and am very... 
LCR phono stages we know about
I am thrilled to own an Experience Music LCR Kahn phono stage 
New $35K pivoting tonearm
Conflict of interest alert: I own two Durand tonearms; a Telos and a Talea.To clear up some of the unintended misinformation on this thread...a. The new composite Telos armwand is not an upgrade; it is an option. b. The composite armwand does not ... 
Dumb VTA Question
J Carr's comments are spot on. If you look at the original paper Michael Fremer cites re: SRA, it is not an exact measurement; rather it indicates a range. You are correct in assuming that it is difficult to measure SRA with precision and accuracy... 
An audiophile in Chicago .....
Don't forget to eat at Kuma's for heavy metal burgers. They also sell vinyl. 
Modern day female jazz recommendations
Cecile McLorin Salvant's debut LP "Woman Child" is spectacular and well recorded. Highly recommended. Really bummed that I had to work during her last visit to Seattle.http://www.mackavenue.com/artists/detail/cecile_mclorin_salvant/ 
Daedalus Audio Vs. Kef
If I may give some unsolicited advice; likely worth what you are paying for...I own Daedalus speakers and really enjoy them. I know the owner of Daedalus, Lou Hinkley, who is terrific. That said, I would be reluctant to purchase Daedalus speakers ... 
Andy Kim - Needle Clinic
Just got back my Benz LPS reconditioned by Andy. Sounds terrific. A very happy customer. 
Weird Band Names.
The Dead Kenny G'sGarage A TroisCrack SabbathAll featuring the saxophonist Skerik 
the greatest pop song ever?
"Be My Baby" by the Ronetteshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=jrVbawRPO7I