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Pass INT-30 or INT-60
Don't know if you've pulled the trigger, tswisla, but since I extensively A/Bed both at home, I thought I'd weigh in.The bottom line is that, assuming cost is not an issue, I'm guessing most enthusiasts would prefer the INT -60 to the INT-30A.The ... 
Devore Gibbon X or O/96?
I heard both the 0/93 and the 0/96 in John's room in RMAF a couple of years ago. I really like the speakers and the company, but it struck me that the 93 represented a better price to performance proposition than the 96, and I'm always surprised t... 
Best near wall high end speaker
North Creek Big Kats.I have their now discontinued little brother, the Eska, in my HT, formerly in my 2ch, when I had a smaller room. Very fine.John 
Open Baffle Convert
How far out in the room are you all placing them? The conventional wisdom that OBs require a ton of breathing room has always seemed to me a serious objection, for many of our rooms.John 
Shopping for speakers at $1500-$2000 is a chore.
Why were you not comfortable with Fritz's sales approach, SunnyJim?I've spent multiple hours on the phone with Fritz, and hung out in his room at RMAF, and never felt a bit of pressure (I do not own his speakers).Best,John 
Shopping for speakers at $1500-$2000 is a chore.
Fritz speakers are CA nased. The Carbon 7 is excellent, at around your price pointFritz is also a very nice guy who will spend time working with you.Highly recommended. 
Parasound A21 or Odyssey Stratus
Cannot speak to Parasound, but I highly commend Odyssey. I had a Stratos Dual Mono for a good many trouble free years, and loved it. (I'd not have said it ran to the lean.)Odyssey kit is routinely available used, and Klaus is a good guy who cheerf... 
Some Musical Truths
"Wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then." 
Advice on buying a used speaker up to 3k
http://www.audiocircle.com/index.php?board=90.0A place to start on OB. 
Advice on buying a used speaker up to 3k
Mapleshade notwithstanding, many speakers (exceptions like Northcreek noted) are designed to play some distance from the walls, and many of us find they sound better that way.You probably picked up more bass with boundary reinforcement with your K... 
Advice on buying a used speaker up to 3k
Hi Again! Walter knows a lot, is no nonsense -- and persuasive! I've bought several pieces from him in the past, and always enjoy chatting.The standard story on OB is that they play best when well into the room, like 5-6'. Prohibitive for me, as I... 
Why not accordion ?
Cowboy Junkies, the great Folk-Rock-Space band, make pretty heavy use of accordion at some points, as I recall. Great voice, and they care about recordings.John 
Advice on buying a used speaker up to 3k
Probably hard to give a precise sensitivity cutoff, Freemand, because for various reasons manufacturer's numbers are only a rough guide (For instance, I've seen speaker builders sputtering about rivals overstating their efficiency.) That said, if ... 
Advice on buying a used speaker up to 3k
I have the corresponding Psss integrated (INT-30A), and I'm with Jazzcourier: the more efficient the better.I love it, but it's just not that much amp, especially regards the lows; I here respectfully disagree with the many who say the smaller Pas... 
Great female voices
Iris makes nice records, though her voice might be more raucous than lovely (Atheists can come from a spiritual place, too, btw). For a really strong flavor in the Iris vein, check our Lizzie LaPrelle.For the great Eva Cassidy, try "Simply Eva." T...