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High Current VS Dedicated Source Cables : Audioquest
I am using a HC Hurricane on my preamp and it sounds great. I suspect you can use the HC cord on anything, but should not use the Source cord on an amp that is HC. Neal 
AQ Firebird vs Hurricane Power Cord Comparo
This has not been my experience, folkfreak (great screen name!). I have had the Hurricane PC for about a month (50-75 hours) and have recently noticed an audible improvement in transparency, realism and bass performance. I have not changed anythin... 
AQ Firebird vs Hurricane Power Cord Comparo
Bob,I agree with you in principle, but every now and then there is a significant change in design or technology or a combo of the two which leads to an easily audible improvement in performance of an audio component. Teflon capacitors in preamps i... 
AQ Firebird vs Hurricane Power Cord Comparo
Thanks, Bob. Agree with allowing settling in before doing anything else, BUT, obsession arrived a few decades ago and will not leave!Neal 
Auditioned Magico A3 - VERY DARK...
I took delivery of my A3's about 10 days ago and they are breaking in nicely. Last description I would ever use is "dark," at least with my setup. I find them lively, transparent, natural and with deep, taut bass. A little thin up on top but this ... 
Auditioned Magico A3 - VERY DARK...
I auditioned the A3's at Rhapsody Music in NY, driven by a Constellation SS integrated amp. "Dark" is the last description I would use. They were so alive, natural and realistic, with amazing, accurate bass,  I ordered a pair on the spot, to be de... 
HC Power cords for tight spaces -- unicorn hunting?
I have used Nordost Valhalla and LessLoss Signatuure from the wall to my Audience Power Conditioner and had no problems.. Sound was excellent, and my amp is no mouse -- 330w/per channel Krell FPB 300 cx. And you don't need to wrestle with these co... 
Speaker Cables for Magico
Thanks to all. Many excellent suggestions, with a tilt toward Siltech and some SR. I get the sense of what will work and what will not. I also may try Audience SX cables. I have the XLR IC's and they are superb.Cheers.Neal 
Speaker Cables for Magico
To rhg88,I have used a Krell FPB 300cx in my main rig for 15+  years and love its power and sound. Unless it interacts poorly with the A3's -- which I doubt -- that is what I will be using.Neal 
Best digital cable for Aurender N10
I have used many digital cables over the years. Currently, I use a Nordost Odin. You have not given a price range, but it is VERY expensive and better than anything I have ever used. Prior to the Odin, I was very happy with the Stealth Sextet. Oth... 
New in 2018
The new Kacey Musgraves is excellent. I am not a country music fan but this has almost no "twang": just solid, pop-folk songs. And she can sing.Neal 
Need to Replace Transport
I have an excellent condition CEC TL-1X modded by RAM and maintained by True Sound in CA, which I have not used for years. Price within your range. If interested, let me know and we can talk off-line. The transport is a beauty.Neal 
Simple Question re Tidal Playback
Thanks for the responses.It is an old, first generation Bryston BDP-1 which still works fine. The more recent BDP's support Tidal streaming.I want to try out Tidal first the old-fashioned, wired way before I move on to a streaming solution. I actu... 
Simple Question re Tidal Playback
Thank you.Neal 
New Tweak --- Its Fantastic
Thank you, Lak.Neal