best snack for listening?

Hint. Think Italian,Spanish or Greek peasant food that goes "supremely" with wine and does not make noise.
I just don't find popcorn or chips works for me.:)
olives cheese and bread?
Greasy chicken wings and/or pizza - with beer. It don't get no better'n that!

Gummi Bears..
tofu and broccoli with a nice bean salad that will get you the sweet spot much quicker....clear the room...
where do I begin no particular order

Marinated eggplant, mushrooms or roasted red peppers
Good sharp provolone,shaved parmesan or fresh slice mozzarella and the best crusty Italian bread you can afford.

Stuffed grape leaves, tabouli, hummus and Syrian bread works too!!
That's as bad as asking people what their favorite speaker is.
I drank a lot of iced tea, believe it or not, almost no etoh. I ate whatever was good that I had cooked up or had.
Fresh fruit from local farmers, nothing like tasting nature when you are experiencing the magic of creation with your ears......
Which record cleaning solution do you use? HA
Cheetos. Except my remotes are all orange....
Pot brownies, puts you in a good mood.
Pot brownies and grass cookies. Went to see John Mayall in Milwaukee, early seventies, and one couldn't smoke in the theatre, so my buddy and I each ate a gram of blonde lebanese hash. Was going great all night. What memories!!!...
Good Scotch.
Tbromgard. Sounds nice to me. I enjoy black & green, stuffed & unstuffed. Choices of cheese you like? I would also have wine.
Jrstereo, sounds very very yummy with a nice red wine.. Not noisy. How do you like canned lupini beans with cheeses and wine? I'd like my bread garlic'd and softened. I'm looking for snacks that make no distracting sound.(Cheetos, chips, pretzels to noisy for me.) Grape leaves, tabouli, hummus with lemon on the side.Mmm. White bright wine well chilled. I've never had the pleasure of Syrian bread
Mountainsong, I like sliced banana & orange liquor, also cantaloupe rounds and a cool white wine.
Schipo, that sound great as long as the broccoli is lightly steamed or best for me charbroiled with some other tender treats. Wine? (Broccoli, cauliflower, carrots & dip is a real fave of mine for tv .
Bucanero117 & Abucktwoeighty,
I guess that could be nice quiet chew, but is there a chance you might fall too deep into the music??
Hodo, I'm with you there--a bit later after the feast.Warmed.
Blonde Lebanese hash. :-)

Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

All the best,
A Filipino friend just suggested the thin strips of meat they roast on small sticks on the BBQ. They are yummy and silent.
Spicy lobster maki
Gainesville Grain.
If you are eating, you are not really listening. And if you are really listening (except to her), then you are most certainly not really eating pussy.
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Garebear may be refering to "felis catus lo mein"
Special brownies or mushrooms.
A friend likes brownies dipped in rum, demerara or spiced.
Too sweet for me.