Am I dreaming?

Ok, I have been building great sounding systems for about 40 years.  Some were modest cost a few were built with some very expensive exclusuve high end brands but all of them were very musical  and enjoyable to listen to.  I have just retired this January and I would like simplfy my system so I am looking for a quality integrated.  However this integrated must have a quality mc phono section and a very high quality built in headphone amp. SS or tube doesn't really matter.  Budget will be determined if there is a acceptable product.  Does this product exist? 
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Yes tfat could be a option.
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Pioneer SA9900 is vintage integrated has MM/MC phono with PLENTY of gain for low-output cartridges.

I recently retired and I too went the McIntosh route.  A McIntosh integrated may be just what you need.  If you go with Mac, make sure it has the output transformers, as the cheaper ones don't have that feature and sound less like a Mac.  I bought a used piece (pieces) from Audio Classics and the unit has really performed great, it looks brand new and you would be buying from a extremely reliable dealer.  Call and ask for Mike Sastra, he is a stand up guy and will not steer you wrong.

After I bought the integrated, I was so impressed, that I bought 5 more Mac components from him for both my systems.  Once you own a Mac, you will never change.
Mac getting plenty of love here. Does the Accuphase have a headphone amp?
Luxman top integrated have a mc phono section and headphone amp.  Who is driving their hp's with a Luxman?
Thanks for the info on the 650.  The Accuphase 650 might be the first integrated I have seen that has a high quality phono and headphone options. Thanks.  I am sure there are others.  How about the Vinnie Rossi integrated?

Once you own a Mac, you will never change.
Sorry, but that's just not true.

Well, it certainly is for me
@stereo5...understood.  I happen to know more people who have tried McIntosh only to move on than people who have stayed, (that could probably be said for many brands though). I sold McIntosh for several years and have owned a few pieces, but it never really captured me.
Try Luxman. Class A is great, but do not underestimate their regular offerings. They certainly are worth a listen. Not to mention, if you have been in this for 40 years, you might have had something that looked like Luxman when you were younger. It may not influence the sound, but, at least for me, it influences overall experience.

Accupahse is another one, and McIntosh yet another one. I preferred their sound in that order (Luxman-Accuphase- not really liked McIntosh but many people do so I would not dismiss it).

Let us know, once you decide.
i just scored a mint used MA-7000 mac integrated its exatcly what you need 
They say "once you have mac, you never go back"! Joe
Have you considered a Devialet Expert Pro?
Seeing "once you have mac, you never go back" mentioned a few times in one thread, one cannot but wonder if it is better never to have one. It leaves the door open instead of closing it forever.

It does not say why people do not leave McIntosh. Sound must be acceptable, but so are many many more and it is hard to imagine that none of them is ever worth switching to. Maybe something along the lines of the other MacIntosh fan-club. Looks? Coolness factor?

Be it what it is, it seems like a candidate for your requirements.
How about this piece of gear:

Music Direct has it so you could try it in home.
I own the McIntosh MAC6700, which I believe checks off all of your boxes, and has a decent built in DAC as well. It was just discontinued and was replaced by the MAC7200. 

I find the MC Phono stage to be quite nice and the High Drive headphone section will drive any cans you can think of.

The 6700 typically goes used around $4500, although there is one currently listed here on A'gon for $3700. A new 7200 will set you back $7k.

I'm sure that there are also a few other fine choices as mentioned in this thread.
Overall, the McIntosh integrated amps and receivers will give you good sound. The built in DACs and headphone jacks are quite good, but I find the phono stage to be strictly OK. As previously stated, be sure to buy one with the autoformers if you go Mac. 
It isn't just the sound of the Mac, it is the fit and finish, the silky feel of the controls, the resale value.  At this point in my life, I want musical, I care less about total accuracy and details.  I don't want to hear the triangle player who farted while performing, or someone coughing.  I am not a detail freak, as long as I can get that lush Mac sound, I am happy.

The McIntosh equipment I bought (6 pieces) are most likely the last components I will buy, especially since I am now retired.
Belles Virtuoso Integrated Amp should be released soon and checks all your boxes. Their Aria integrated gets great reviews but I think the phono stage only works for MM on that one. If you aren't in a hurry, I'd at least check with Belles &/or some dealers about how close the Virtuoso is to being available...might be worth the wait, especially if its arrival is imminent.

I use a Creek Evolution 100a in a bedroom system and been very happy with it. It has a built-in headphone amp and it can include a built-in MM/MC phono stage module (though mine doesn't have the latter). Not claiming it'll better the McIntosh, Luxman, or some others you've already had recommended, but this represents a much cheaper option that still checks off all your functionality needs. Since you didn't include the budget, I figure you might appreciate a lower cost option. You could even use the Evo 50a and have all your needs met in terms of functionality. The 100a would run ~$2450 and the 50a  ~$1450 new with the phono module included...and you can also add a DAC module for even more one-box functionality, if desired.
I realize you're looking to downsize here, but by needing a good headphone and MC amp you're obviously really limiting your choices.  And what are the chances the few contenders that check all your boxes happen to match your sonic tastes or will synergize well with the rest of your system?  Headphone and phono amps are frequently on the smaller side, so would it really be that bad if they were separate from the integrated?  It would open up so many more options for you across the board.  Just trying to look at it from a different perspective.  Best of luck, and congrats on retirement!
I would have to agree with Soix.
I went the complete all in one Mac route and was very happy to start with, all those boxes and cables gone!
But then the reality started to set in, the DAC was well ok, the phono was def so so, the headphone output was decent.
But that's it, nothing was truly outstanding and did not blow me away when I listened.
Eventually I moved on through a few more integrated units until I settled on a very good one.
It does not have phono or headphone but my phono stage is tiny and the headphone amp not much larger. Plus I can if I desire upgrade these 2 components fairly easily and cheaply.
What I am saying is that convenience does not always pay, I know as have been there......
Thanks for all the replys.  It seems there can be very high quality phono stages but headphone amplication is still lacking.
Does it have to be one box or should it just take less space?

Project has a nice setup with very small components. Otherwise I agree with @soix , having the phono or phono+headphone part separate gives you many more options.
One box is a dream.  That is why I titled the thread "Am I dreaming".  A small hp amp box would not be the end of the world.
If you are looking for cheaper option you may like Parasound Halo Integrated. Has everything you need. Stereophile class A integrated amplifier. 
I love the Vinnie Rossi gear...I have heard it at RMAF in Denver many times and talked with Vinnie, he’s an electronic genius IMO.
I'm surprised nobody has mentioned Primaluna.  Their Dialogue HP integrated can be fitted with a phono input, which I've heard is very good.  It's an extra $300.  It has a headphone amp built in, is very flexible with tube rolling, and it sounds great.  You could have a new one delivered, with the phono input for under $5k.  One box, good resale, good sound.  I think it checks all of your boxes, and isn't McIntosh money.  (nothing against the Mac gear!!)

I'm on my second PL integrated, and have no desire to look at any others.  Mine does not have the phono input, so I can't comment on its quality.  But with a Manley Chinook phono preamp, it's spectacular.
IMHO,your not going to find what your looking for in a single box. You would be better off with a high quality intergrated and headphone amp and phono stage.
Rogue Pharaoh integrated. Has an excellent MM/MC phono stage and a likewise headphone amp. $3500 new.
Another vote for the Accuphase E-600 and E-650. The E-470 is also excellent if you require more power (although the E-600/650 can handle most speakers). The AD-30 phono stage is excellent, I would expect the new AD-50 to be even better; easily at the level of a $2-3K standalone phono. 
I am sure the Accuphase would be a top performer.  T&A has been suggested and looks very interesting.
Luxman L-590AX II.  Half the price of the Accuphase and 95% of the performance.
Sorry, I gave up on all the products you all talk about thirty years ago and on Macintosh even before that.