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Complete vinyl system, TT to speakers, for $1500?
klipsh The Fives are awful sounding. I had them for a month and sent them back.  recommended: Rega IO (includes turntable preamp) wharfedale Diamond 12.X (12.0, 12.1, or 12.2) Fluence turntable  
What record cleaner is the most bang for the buck??
Vinyl Vac is the best ($30) wet clean with a solution of your choice ( I use Audio Intelligent One-Step) and vacuum to dry. buy a lazy Susan too to make it even easier    
Should I Keep my Second CD Player?
i Dunno, seems like you could get some nice change for the supernova. For a backup player just grab a $300 Marantz    
What to do with my legacy CD collection?
What genres? I'll take em if you want! I love CDs  
Apple Music vs Tidal for SQ
Interesting takes. I have found Tidal to sound very muddy/flat with levels all over the place, requiring constant adjustments to the volume - not a good listening experience. Especially in regards to streaming an infinite playlist for background m... 
Simaudio 340 i hard to beat for the $$
Try Rega Aethos?  
Is Imaging Worth Chasing?
Speaker placement is huge. Are your speakers on stands and is the center of the tweeter approximately ear level when you’re sitting? This is important.    Also isolating from vibration - clarity is key to getting imaging and vibration causes di... 
Low level listening
What amp or integrated are you using - I think this makes a big difference to clarity/information at lower volumes. additionally would recommend the Schitt Loki EQ to make your own boosted curve for lower level listening - works amazingly well. ... 
Integrated amp recommendation
Used for $1500 you can go higher up the Rega line to a Elex-r or Elicit-r. Highly recommend both.   
Turntable channel imbalance
I do use an AT SS445E/U high-end NOS cart with original Nude 0.3mil elliptical stylus. I feel like I’d have to spend a bit to get better performance, no?   https://www.vinylengine.com/ve_downloads/index.php?audio_technica/audio_technica_ss315e_3... 
Turntable channel imbalance
Hi @joenies its very noticeable on some records, maybe more than 3 db. No imbalance with other sources. CDs have perfect centered imaging. I primarily listen to CDs and streaming. Vinyl is fun nostalgia for me. But some records sound so off I just... 
Turntable channel imbalance
Fair, @lewm. On vacation currently but will reference a Mono LP and report back. I listened to the remastered CD version Of Zenyatta Mondatta in my most recent listening but I’ve noticed the left lean with many other of my records.   
Turntable channel imbalance
Thanks @joenies i figured as much. Was hoping there’d be a guide for hacking a p-mount deck. Maybe I should try un-balancing towards the right…  
Turntable channel imbalance
That’s a great call. In this instance I referenced the digital copy in comparison. Maybe it was the old mix on the vinyl - but it leans Very left.   
Turntable channel imbalance
Thanks y’all.    I don’t think it’s the pre. It’s been the case across multiple phono pre amps. (Inbuilt on 2 integrateds + the Rega Fono)   Will triple check the level and RCA inputs. It’s strange to me that it’s more present on certain LPs but...