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Platter wobble
Update: Sadly the new one wobbles worst than the original. Oh oh well was worth the shot.  
Platter wobble
Thanks @noromance though it seems the AT95E will not work with my p-mount tonearm. Is there an equivalent p-mount? 
Platter wobble
Welp, I got it for $25.  I hope this one is flat! 
Platter wobble
Hi @geoffkait platter is aluminum.  My mention of acrylic platter in the first post was a typo. That was meant to say: "The rigid acrylic mat would not lay flat on the platter" 
Platter wobble
Thanks [email protected] you've confirmed my assumption that an OEM platter off ebay is likely to have the same issue.Does anyone make an alternative platter that might work?The OEM rubber mat lays nicely on the current platter and the wobble is very m... 
Platter wobble
Cart is OEM. Not looking to spend money. Looking more for a DIY fix...  or a mat/platter that will improve sound without significant investment.  
Best 80s New Wave
I love The Cars - Heartbeat City 
Wharfedale Diamond 11.5 or 250
@erik_squires would you say the same for Wharfedale Diamond 10.7s?If so, could you elaborate on what’s involved in upgrading or point me in the right direction? 
Magnepan's new LRS?
If only Magnepan would make speakers that weren’t so ugly. WAF is very low.  
Disco...yep, I'm going there
I love Discoim a child of the 80s and I often feel like i missed my decade. Thank goodness for the disco revival of the last 10 years. I love shalamar, sister sledge, chic, pointer sisters, early Madonna, later Diana, the list goes on and on and on.  
Best return for the money, system upgrade suggestions please.
Whoops looks like you already did this - good work! 
Best return for the money, system upgrade suggestions please.
DAC DAC DAC. Spend it on a streamer/DAC and then maybe add a schiit Multibit DAC for fun!for your consideration Cambridge CNXmarantz Nd8006 
Blue Jeans Cable Sound Good???
A lot of people recommended signal cables and I couldn’t believe how bad they sounded in my system. Also returned. I dunno. I really do like morrow cables...but haven’t explored anything else after finding these. 
Best Value P-mount cartridge and stylus
Thanks @teo_audio - a good plan indeed. To add another requirement, @uberwaltz, it needs to be a MM cart, as my Yammy integrated phono stage only accepts that type. Any other recos or resources to check out?Thanks!  
4 speakers/two channel
Which set of speakers is louder - the rear or the front?