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Is the Eico HF 81 really that good?
I have a Sam Kim complete rebuild  Heath Kit 151 that is simply outstanding. Using only the chassis and transformers Sam rebuilts the entire amp from the ground up. 
Upgrade from Pass Labs XA30.8 to X250.8. Worth it?
Willrich47,Keep the 30.8 and upgrade your speakers.  You are already driving those speakers with a world class amp.  You were pleasantly pleased when the Pass outperformed your Decware amp. It is the same with your speakers.  Yes Decware makes ver... 
Pass Labs XA25 vs LTA ZOTL40 -- Which creates a greater sense of image palpability?
If I am not mistaken the XA25 is Terry's favorite amp. 
SOTA vs VPI (or stick with my Rega?)
Useless you want to spend uber dollars that would need tweaking the RP10 is a killer. 
SOTA vs VPI (or stick with my Rega?)
You would like the RP10. 
Opinions on best integrated under 10k?
I heard the Continuum S2 and couldn't believe how good a classD amp could sound.  Made me a believer. 
Accuphase E470 v. Luxman L509x
Melguyone,Very interesting about Gryphon chassis parts being made in Taiwan. Are we talking the Diablo only or their entire line including speaker cabinets? 
Thinking of changing my solid state pre amp
Good decision.  I love a good tube preamp.   
Integrated Amp to match with Magico A3
Welcome back Melguyone! 
My Long List of Amplifiers and My Personal Review of Each!
I have read and will continue because it it fresh and unique.  WC is very unpredictable and that is what I love from his reviewing.  It isn't the formulated vanilla way the industry reviews or pushes high advertised brand.  Keep up the great work.... 
Why NO LOVE For BOENICKE Audio Speakers Here ?
Here in the US are they even showing at the audio shows? 
Review: Intuitive Design/Pitcher Sound Labs Summit PSL 624 Speaker
Wow! Mindblowing! Listening tonight for 3.5 hours the Gammas have never sounded better.  I just got some work done on my 2a3 mono blocks and they are now dead silent and ever more musical.  Thur the Gammas new depth and musical details come thur s... 
Line magnetic 518 with Harbeth SHL5+
Harbeth's  pretty much sound great with any type of amps.  So I would bet that the 518 would sound excellent.  Btw I owned the shl5's and they sounded great with ss and tube amps. 
Spatial Audio M4 Turbo S. Is its design competitive with other baffleless speakers?
Check out their website. 
Best Rocking Speakers 15K and Under
Google Spatial and Pure Audio Project.  Both will knock your socks off.  No more box speakers.  Make a effort to hear them and your search should be done.