What capacitor would you use to upgrade Wharfedale Linton 85th Anniversary?

I’m going to swap out the generic 6.8uF cap on the tweeter side of the crossover. Wharfedale was very supportive and sent a schematic.

Note: If you have opinions that gear shouldn’t be modified I’m not interested. I can easily swap things in and out seamlessly. Also, my view is that manufacturers have much slimmer margins than we might think. Having built stuff and modified stuff, we experience first hand the choices that engineers and bean counters must make. My sense is that the Linton can be elevated further because of this. And, capacitor swaps can be more influential (and yes, good or bad) than swapping power cords/cables.

The Linton doesn’t do anything wrong. Some might say it’s a sinner of omission? It’s overall smooth, non-fatiguing, and can really keep singing as you push power at it. I wouldn’t mind a touch more air and definition on top--without losing the smoothness.

  • Jantzen Superior Z-Caps?
  • Clarity?
  • Obligato? Man, these are reasonably priced.
  • Auricap? Another smooth, reasonably priced cap.
  • I’d love to try Audyn True Copper Max or VCAPs but that would be pretty pricey.

I’d prefer not to break the bank, which is the problem. I haven’t set a budget or priority for this project. 6.8uF values can get very pricey. So, I suppose it should be kept to less than or equal to $100 per cap. I could be persuaded to do more. :)

Any thoughts?

Calling Erik Squires! @eriksquires ! I know you have some intel here Sir!

All suggestions on caps welcome!

Thanks all!
Well, look at this!  A man in Cologne, Germany has the same thought as me.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nrm803g5n08

At 10:59 he shows a pic of the upgrade. He's using a $10 Clarity cap.  He also swapped out a 2.2R resistor.  Hmmm...can't hurt. Not sure how much it helps. 
I have rebuilt my Apogee Duetta Signature speaker crossover twice. Initially, I used the Mundorf Supreme capacitor with great success and reasonable pricing. A 6,8uF will cost you about $50 USD.

Last month, I went full blast replacing all Supreme capacitors with top-of-the-line Mundorf EVO Supreme Silver/Gold/Oil capacitors. I have reached audio nirvana. A Mundorf 6,8uF SGOil capacitor will set you off at $200 USD. It all depends on what you are ready to spend.

The Mundorf Supreme is really the best bang for the buck. It gets you about 70-75% of the sound of the Mundorf EVO Supreme Silver/Gold/Oil capacitors. But the Mundorf SGOil is the better sounding capacitor....

A better resistor will also help. A few suggestions: Path Audio, Duelund Cast graphite and Duelund Standard graphite. All of these components are available at PartsConnexion.
I have used all the caps you have mention plus many more in my builds, mods and upgrades for me and others. The VH Audio Odams are special and easily rise to the top of the list.  They will deliver significant improvement and please you greatly.  They have a 6.8uf 250v cap offering . No, they are not cheap at just over $100, but they are perfect for what you are wanting to accomplish. 
Nothing to add here except that I heard your speaker at a local dealer last weekend and was completely smitten by them. Good luck with your mods. 
Thank you!  @dasign , I will look at the Mundorf line.  I've used them before with great results.  Does anyone else get annoyed or confused by Mundorf's naming system?  It seems so redundant and yet nuanced. 

@grannyrig, your recs mean a lot.  I love VCAP, so I'll give this consideration.  
Any question of “which capacitor?” that doesn’t include a flux capacitor as an option....
There are a lot of options ,how about resistors to start old mills 
before 2011 , sonic crafts great caps still had silver end caps 
copper leads , a bit better still Path Audio best resistors  out there.
Many variables to consider.I hav3 been modding speakers for 20
yesrs.  Jantzen Alumina are solid  , the best be far are th3 New VH Audio  ODam  caps ,for a poly cap none better and space is something to consider, also buy Jantzen open coil inductors 
night and day better the the cheap sledge hammer type
or plastic bobbin , and rewire it with Quality wire , WBT copper gold connectors ,most gave cheap brass ,and use a Quality solder 
wbt, Cardas or Mundorf , 
Those are all good suggestions but pretty much any good quality film cap will improve the sound of the linton.
check with Danny at GR Research
Thanks Speakermaster and Tweak1!  

I'll check with Danny!  Nice idea!
Paging ErikSquires!  We need you to chime in!
I'm with grannyring; Vh Audio ODAMs are phenomenal...

@grannyring, I just looked at your system for the first time.  I love that preamp!!!!!!

Swapped out the tweeter caps in my Nola Vipers which were already fitted with Mundorf EVO caps to Mundorf Silver/Gold oil caps and the results were not subtle. 
Go with the best you can afford...
Two capacitor threads in a row!

If you haven't run into it already, humblehifi's capacitor information has always been spot on in my experience.


And boy do they charge you, but Duelund Tinned-Copper CASTs are just wonderful. I've got their 4.7ufs on my Coincident PREs' tweeters and it was a huge upgrade.

It's just crazy how much caps influence the sound.
@nmmusicman I also really enjoyed those caps (used them as pre-amp output capacitors). A little bass shy in that location on my system, but not an issue at all for crossover duties. They have a beautiful, rich, and silky presentation.  Humble hifi said something like "bowling alley depth" and that was so true.