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What's your definition of an audiophile?
Someone who appreciates music and the contributions equipment and accessories can make. Often to the point of obsession, but the core is a love for and pursuit of the ultimate sound quality, which is different for everyone.   
What's the best and/or favorite piece of equipment you've owned? And do you still own it?
My Decware Rachel integrated. At low levels, that thing was sweet as hell. The midrange was to die for. I wish I had kept it instead of selling to upgrade.  
Are there any tube amps that don't give off any---
I have an LTA Z10. It puts off less heat than even some class D amps I’ve had. Very cool running for a tube amp and for almost any amp.  
Desire to try tubes
Go try as many different tube amps as you can. As someone else mentioned, there are as many flavors of tube amps as there are solid state. I’ve had all tube, tube hybrid, tube rectified, tube pre amps and tube integrated. Each were more different ... 
Integrated Tube Amps with Subwoofer out?
Primaluna integrated amps have one. All tube. Decware has a line out intended for subs as an option. They add tube rectification which is awesome too.  
LTA - Has Anyone Had First Hand Experiance?
The DAC is my next thing to “fix”.  I think adding a tube DAC would help and I’m torn between the Border Patrol, which seems to be more in the vein of warm analog sound, and the MHDT Orchid which seems to have a little less but still good. Need to... 
LTA - Has Anyone Had First Hand Experiance?
I have the LTA Z10 integrates and Spatial Audio triode master speakers. The two combined are awesome. Everyone who has heard the combo, including my wife who couldn’t give less of a crap about audio sometimes, say it’s like everything between the ... 
What amp to match with Spatial Audio M3 Sapphire open back speakers
I have the LTA Z10 with my Spatial M3 Triode Masters. It’s an awesome pairing and one that has me tempted to move up the LTA line to an ultra linear. Bass is awesome, and it’s so freaking crystal clear it’s nuts to hear how much my precious amp ju... 
Are MULLARD NOS EL34s and LTA ZOTL40 REF worth the price of admission?
I have the Linear Tube Audio Z10 and all I will say is that you should try it and prepare to be amazed. Never heard another amp play music with such clarity and power that is far beyond what the watts would suggest. It’s less Tubey by far than my ... 
best used floorstanding speakers under 5k that has small footprint
Spatial Audio - open baffle dipoles with no box.  Three inches deep, 17 inches wide. Sound awesome  
Who, do you think, designs the best looking tube-based devices?
It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but Decware makes some good looking gear as well as Line Magnetic.  
Which To Choose...Devore Fidelity O/93 vs Zu Soul Supreme ?
I tried the Soul Supremes and liked them but didn’t keep them. Zu took them back no questions asked, no hassle. Give them a shot  
Best used integrated under $5k
Linear Tube Audio Integrateds are awesome. Worth a look for sure  
Best tube preamplifier for under $15k
I just got a Linear Tube Audio Integrated amp at home and it’s balls out amazing. Superlatives aren’t sufficient to cover how dead quiet it is, how much musical information it reveals, and how much tube magic it imparts without being in any way ve... 
Review: Linear Tube Audio Z10 Integrated Amplifier
I just got the Z10 last night after reading this and many other reviews. All I can say this early on is that you are so spot on with the sound description. It’s so much more immediate, clear, and defined than anything I’ve had before. Just radical...