US made, integrated tube preamp able to handle KT150 tubes?

I know that foreign made can still be excellent equipment, but I like the idea of support being "local". No offense...

Suggestions? Preferably less than $5000
Dunno about pre-amp but if you mean integrated that is right in the ballpark for a Prima Luna. They'll run just about any tube you want. Haven't heard one myself but based on all the comments, reviews, and build info a Prima Luna integrated is #1 on my very short list of upgrade suitable amps.
US made, integrated tube amp able to handle KT150 tubes?
Audio Research vsi75
Regers EHF-200II
Cary Audio SLI-100

Aric Audio’s Transcend Push Pull has exceptional sound quality and is a tube rollers dream. It uses EL34, KT88, KT120 or KT150.
+1 for Aric Audio but I don't believe he offers an integrated.
Typo ...integrated amp, not preamp. Posting from my phone
Primaluna is top of my list, but any issues with where to go for warranty work (made in china)? I know any reputable local dealer would offer some level of support (?)
Suggest you simply call Kevin at Upscale Audio in California and ask him your warranty questions ; he is directly involved with PL
@lancelock - Thank you for the kind words! @jtcf -  I don't offer an integrated per se, but all of my amps have enough gain to be used without a preamp and also offer a volume control. Customized units are available as well if more gain, more inputs or a remote are needed. Feel free to contact me with any questions. Thanks for the mention! Best wishes,Aric
Facten #1 (I own a PL integrated) Designed in Holland, mfg in China I believe and local dealer handles warranty issues. BTW, this is the best tube rig I've ever owned and in the past, the others were much pricier
As Aric mentioned my Transcend amp sounds great without a preamp, just using the volume control on my DAC. I am amazed how these EL34 tubes drive my TAD ME-1 speakers at 85db 4 ohm as loud as I can stand.

I would buy the Aric in a heartbeat over the Primaluna just based on parts, price and customer service.

I found that Aric uses quality parts and the sound confirms that. Now to work on saving up for the Super 211 SET. 
Jolida, an American company making its stuff in China, makes some of the best bargains in audio...I owned a 502P amp for years that could accommodate 150s easily, and their new integrated amps, getting pretty much zero publicity (relatively) are cool...they can use most power tubes it seems as there's a switch on them for that now.
Why limit yourself to the KT-150 tube? There are so many great sounding amps that use other type tubes. BTW, Tung-Sol is the only manufacturer that makes that tube. You are boxing yourself in with one brand of tube!
Most amplifiers that use the KT150 tube, are also backwards compatible with KT88 and EL34's so there are many tube rolling options available :-)
Right now all I have to go on are reviews that I have read. I am open to other tube options.
I know you stated KT 150s, but IF you might consider KT 120s, then check out Rogue Audio's Cronus Magnum III which has had several significant upgrades from the Mag II. Made right here in Northeast Pennsylvania for just under $3000.00
I second the Rogue, understand you’re looking for an integrated but consider the RP-1 Pre and the Atlas Magnum II power amp, yes it runs KT120’s not 150’s and yes, it sounds superb. They are right in your budget new, available pre owned for less and made in the Good Ole USA....PA.
Made in Pennsylvania USA, uses KT120's (will work with EL34's, KT88's, KT90's etc. - Rogue Cronus Magnum integrated. 

Great product. Great sound quality.

Not hearsay - I've owned mine for about four years with no problems or complaints. I'd buy it again in an instant!
How often do you have to bias the tubes on a rogue? Manual dexterity (tremors) is not my strength. looks like a fairly simple process 
Quicksiver audio by Mark Sanders from Stockton CA , hand made legendary performance! I own his 60 watt mono and his incredible HP amp 

I have two PL HP’s. On running EL34’s and the other KT120’s No problems with either. 

What speakers? 15O’s could be more than they need. 

The 150’s are hot hot hot! Hot!
I owned a Rogue Stereo 100 Integrated for a minute. It sounded terrible. It didn't match my speakers well at all. Dealer wouldn't take it back, Rogue was no help. I used it for a boat anchor, it worked well.

Keep Rollin.
Now I own Prima Luna Dialogue Premium HP mono blocks with a PL DP pre-amp. Their integrated is the same technology. EL34, KT88, KT120 and KT150 and actually you can fool around with less popular tubes as well, Kevin will guide you. Great price, GREAT SOUND STAGE, great support, designed in Holland, uses the best components from around the world and assembled in China. Even on paper the Prima Luna outperforms the Rogue at a comparable price.

Raven Audio. Built in Texas. 
Quicksilver Audio in Stockton CA. Give Mike Sanders a call. Nice guy.
Raven Audio. Built in Texas.

@gochurchgo.....any experience with them ?