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US made, integrated tube preamp able to handle KT150 tubes?
I do not have his pre-amps, but I have the Elvis and it is excellent.https://www.erhard-audio.com/Ella.html https://www.erhard-audio.com/Aretha.html  
What is wrong with a sub?
Guess the benefit of being old and new (to audiofile stuff ) is I have not had that issue, which was the reason behind the OP. 
What is wrong with a sub?
Using my brain, not my ears, seems that the lower freq are just fine located in different locations.  I would not buy a full range speaker until I had this figured out.  If the speaker is just more cone speakers of different size and the bottom on... 
What is wrong with a sub?
I bought a smaller REL i7.  I was thinking maybe I should go bigger.  Assuming the same total $pend...Seems several think having several smaller might be better than one bigger.  I expect bigger can go lower Hz.  If this was for a home theater, ma... 
Bookshelf Bake Off
I have Klipsh Herresy.  Great, but too big for this category IMO.2nd Watkins Gen 4 
Balanced vs RCA between amp/preamp
Similar but different topic - I didn't want to start a thread.I want to take my DAC RCA outputs and feed two amps (want to bi-amp my speakers).  I'm looking for a y cable that will put out the same signal rather than a left right stereo split.  Q2... 
SET amplifier recommendation
I have a Cary CAD-300SEI and run via Watkins Gen 4 speakers near field - on my desk.  I also have an REL sub.  Way more power than I need for a small room, even a bigger one.   
What is wrong with a sub?
I'm too new and inexperienced to take a side.  But as I posted - I like tube amps.  I like how they sound.  As such at reasonable price range tube amps there are no ribbon speakers I can use.  The subs having their own amps move the air fine.  I a... 
What is wrong with a sub?
@mkgus, thanks for that.  My one REL i7 I rarely hear.  Sometimes I do mess with the volume on it and pump it up beyond the music levels, but normally just because I want to wake everyone up.  Got me thinking if 2 and 4 are better, is there any re... 
What is wrong with a sub?
@mcreyn - that was a bit Greek to me.  What I have now:300B SET (CAD-300SEI) with Watkins Gen 4 speakers on each side of my desk 8" high stands, REL i7(? small one) sub under desk to my left. The sub hooks to the amp speaker posts.  I'm pretty sat... 
What is wrong with a sub?
The comments seem to be supporting what I thought.Taking this to the $2,000-$25,000 speaker range for music that has lower bass in it, for the same about of cash...Equivalent or better sound will likely come at a lower cost with speakers and a sub... 
What is wrong with a sub?
@sgordon1 thanks for the support. To answer the first part, I do not have the time, or the money to test every combo. In cases where I do have the money, I’d like to know what others think hoping to put it all together and do it right. I have a se... 
I lied to my wife about the price of Stax 009S headphone
I kept the information from my wife on my modest Cary SET an integrated tube amp ~$5K.  She thinks it looks real cool and wants me to buy one for the living room and two more for the other house.  She didn't ask the cost.  Then, she makes the big ... 
Qobuz Users Update?
I signed up about 2 months before it was released off a UK site.  I have both.I think I'm going to just use TIDAL. 
Speaker Break In...? Or listener “Break In”?
I don't hear a difference.