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Who has Luv for the Lyngdorf 2170 and is thinking about the 3400.
@mifanning Can you tell us the differences you heard between both? Thanks 
Tekton Design Electron SE
@honashagen I have had my Electrons for over a year and zero issues. I don’t believe your problem is related to just the Electron model only. Definitely call Tekton and ask for Eric and report back to us. Thanks 
Best integrated/power amplifier under $6000
@audiotroy  Looking for either a power amp or integrated amplifier with at least 150 watts in 8 ohms for under $6000- new or slightly used.  
New Gallo Strata's sound like tin-cans: break-in time problem?
@maximoam85 Update? 
Best 80s New Wave
Shock to not see any mention of Missing Persons! They were my favorite New Wave 80’s band.Also loved Aha, Ultravox, Talk Talk, The Cars and Real Life 
Lyngdorf TDAI-3400
Sorry goin ramble a bit.I used to own the mighty Primaluna Dialogue Premium Integrated amp. I much preferred the more refined sound of the 2170. Sorry. I just could not get the PL to please me, I spent 100’s of dollars in tubes to make it work. Ju... 
How Much Incrementally Better is the Black Cat Silver Star from the Digit 75 to The Tron?
That’s a hard question to answer for some reason, its such a personal decision. I would say if you have the dough..splurge and get the Tron, if not,,,get the Digit 75. 
New in 2019
Devin Townsend "Empath"Very good music and sound quality. 
How Much Incrementally Better is the Black Cat Silver Star from the Digit 75 to The Tron?
I can speak of the Silverstar to the Tron. The Tron builds on what is so good about the Silverstar. Its is quieter, more refined and more dynamic cable. I would have been perfectly happy with the Silverstar, but because the Silverstar was so good ... 
Your favourite Rush albums?
Top 31. Moving Picture (best album ever created)The diversity of styles from this album is amazing. Love everything about the album from beginning to end.2. Permanent Waves3. SignalsSaw them on the Signal Tour back in High School. I had 2nd row th... 
Empirical Audio Synchro mesh reclocker, anybody?
Since Ozzy had a bad experience... avoid! He makes the calls here. 
Salk VS Monitor Audio
Salk OwnersNot to derail this thread..just a basic question.How do these speakers sound a low levels? 60-70dbI prefer speakers that are not laidback yet not too aggressive either. A midrange that will not sound muffled a low volumes. I have a Lyng... 
Black Cat Cable's/Coppertone wires are amazing good!
Doesn’t surprise me either. Chris knows his craft. I use his Tron Digital Cable. Might have to try his speaker cables. 
Perfect Path Tecnologies ‘The Gate’
@oregonpapa You forgot to mention your SR Fuses! :O 
Perfect Path Tecnologies ‘The Gate’
@erik_squires Erik put aside the Gate for a second. Have you tried the Omega Emat or Total Contact yet? If not you should and let us know if its snake oil or not. You get 90 days with the Emat at least. Just put one on your break panel door or a c...