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Sternklang Cables
@lalitk I was told they are directional. The Sternklang cables have a label on one end. Not sure if the label side is > or  <. I would confirm with Colin  
Shunyata KING COBRA VX V1 `i` - thoughts on this power cord
@asa  Aniwolfe: which component/s did you have it hooked to?  Didn't matter where I but the cord. I heard the heavy blanket.  
Shunyata KING COBRA VX V1 `i` - thoughts on this power cord
This powercord to me in my system, was like adding a nice warm blanket and wrapping it over my speakers. Didn't help that the highs were a bit grainy. Bad synergy I guess.  
Sternklang Cables
@lalitk  "聖HIJIRI‘s sophisticated and gorgeous sound" That is a perfect way to describe what I hear as well.    
Primaluna or not Primaluna
I own the Primaluna evo300 amp. It's a fun, great sounding product, that is incredibly flexible. If you like tailoring your own sound, don't hesitate to get one imho.   I previously owned the Pass Labs XA25. The Primaluna to me sounded better in... 
LS28 upgrade to LS28SE
He is just being helpful lol Seems like he answered you very thoroughly lol  
Cerious Technologies NEW Graphene Cables
@ozzy How do they compare to your current speaker cables? Will your current cables be on the used market soon? Are you going to be trying the Infigo SC’s, since the IC’s are such a success in your system? Thanks  
Ribbon Cables vs. Standard
If you like that airy, detailed sound, that brings you closer to the stage...these Sternklang ribbon cables below for sure will do that. Price is very affordable IMO. Gestalt Audio in Tenn sells them. ... 
Counterfeit Chinese Cables
@jetter   Just go the Aliexpress and search for Odin2 XLR and the DIY store will show up...just look for it...very EASY!  
聖HIJIRI Users thread
  @jafant The Nagomi PC to me in my system added a little bit of warmth, yet still having nice detail. The midrange to me is the star of the show, it became very engaging, never laid-back or boring. Very natural sounding cable overall, that sou... 
Chris Sommovigo has passed away
Wow...I sent to High School with him. Was very proud of the success he had. Shocked that he is gone!  
What is the best 2 channel listening chair?
The best chair is no chair! So for me I use a low back mesh computer chair or a low back wood chair. Less is more as they say.  As a test get a  basic stool and see if it sounds different compared to a one of those gigantic lazy boys chairs or IK... 
Shunyata Sigma V2 vs Synergistic Research Atmosphere level 3
The SR sounded great...just not as natural or musical compared to the Nagomi.   
Shunyata Sigma V2 vs Synergistic Research Atmosphere level 3
Shunyata sounded artificial and Nagomi sounded natural.   
Shunyata Sigma V2 vs Synergistic Research Atmosphere level 3
Obviously I was just poking fun at marketing :) I did have a Sigma V1 and SR Level 2. I didnt a/b them...but both were excellent cables in my system. Ultimately I went with a Mix of Hijiri Nagomi and Wywire Diamond PC's.