TTWeights closing their doors

Has anyone heard of this, just caught a recent for sale item from them that mentioned they will be closing their doors for table manufacturing on 12/18/15.
Just went to the website.  There are closing out all of their goods.  Pretty good prices.

Sorry to see them go.  I've bought several items from Larry over the years.
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Sadly , another casualty of a market place driven by off shore manufacturing.
Albeit with reduced manufacturing costs (only to maximize profits), many times
comes with reduced quality and the eventual extinction of those who manufacture
in North America, and buy North American raw materials to manufacture with.
I'm also sorry to hear they are closing. I also own one of his tables I just hope I never  have to replace it. It would cost thousands to find a table of  the same quality.
"Sadly , another casualty of a market place driven by off shore manufacturing ..."

has2be, do you actually know this to be true, or are you speculating? There are many reasons why a company may close its doors. Contrary to popular opinion, manufacturing thrives in North America, although many of the products aren't  necessarily consumer products. As for turntables: VPI, Oracle and Sota are all made in North America. Those companies seem to be doing well and the products are world-class.
Yes I do know it to be true. And you should verify your own facts.
I stated North American materials, can you say with certainty the products you listed
use materials all made in America or are they off shore and assembled in America ?
"Hi Folks, after many years we are closing our manufacturing facility. We still have most spare parts etc. for turntables and they will be available moving forward.

We will have a website that allows on line ordering only.

The cost of manufacturing is rising( from US sourced products all raw materials) and the prices of products is being pushed down from a flood of accessories and analogue turntable manufacturers that have entered the market in the last few years.

We will not buy from China, or low priced components offshore like my competitors, it was all Canadian made with North American content but this ended up being a big problem as the costs continue to increase."

TTW Audio

TTW Audio Canada Inc.
has2be1" ...And you should verify your own facts.
I stated North American materials, can you say with certainty the products you listed
use materials all made in America or are they off shore and assembled in America ?

Actually, I didn’t make any claim about the extent to which the turntables I cited were 100 percent North American-made, so you’re not really in a position to instruct me to verify my own "facts."

But, since you’ve raised the issue, yes, I know from Matt Weisfield that VPI turntables are 100 percent US made from US materials with one exception: the tonearm cueing mechanism. Everything else is US made, mostly in NJ and Pa.

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Of course, it's always a bit sad when the audiophile community loses one of its manufacturers. Many of them are small businesses. They may be a one-person shop, or a closely-knit family business. Even what many consider to be a "major" manufacturer - such as Audio Research or Pass Labs - is really a small business in the grander scheme of things.

And it's the smaller companies where some of the audio world's most colorful and inventive characters toil. There are ripple effects when they close up shop. No one wants to see that happen.
100% of TTW Products used certified aircraft grade NAFTA materials which means MANUFACTURED IN USA OR CANADA.

Machined on USA Built Hardigne Machines also, these are sold but cost 300K per piece.

We use motors and servo controlers that cost 10 times the competitors and materials that were high grade but the average audio guy falls for the BS marketing and pays 5K for a table that costs 900 to build LOL. 
Yes VPI is made in USA and the motors are $75.00 products, our servo motor is $550.00 US plus $400.00 for the control board.....just got o HURSTS website and look.

The VPI tables are not in the same league as TTW tables .....  not even close.

They have the best marketing but far from the best tables and that is a fact !!
Nice, as you leave the audio market due to your inability to compete, you slag a US manufacture that has successfully manufactured turntables for almost 50 years and continues to prosper.  Way to garnish sympathy.  

TTW, I have seen your work, own some of it, and I fully see your point about quality.  Do I detect some ambiguity as regards your going out of business?  That is, will you continue to make product on special order or something like that?  Platter mats, record weights, and peripheral rings are always in demand, if one plays vinyl.

We did not have to close our shop but....just sold my company for a ton of cash, LOL.

We did not go out of Business, meaning we  chose to sell our shop and take the money vs. Building cheap shit and making money.

There are many ways of making more money than in manufacturing, I have been machining for 35 years and have owned my own business since I was 19 years old.

 We had 2 Million dollars in equipment and owned the building and all our gear. 

We did this out of passion not simply to build the cheapest table and sell it for the most money like the rest. We designed over 300 products, ALL original but have been copied all over the place. We did not go out of business,

 I made a decision to NOT COMPETE with cheap turntables, 

We did actually build a 4 tables with a cheap VPI Hurst motor/low cost inverted bearing, cheap laminated pluinth... and it cost 1 grand to build, was going to sell it for $2500.00 but it was just another belt drive. I could EASILY compete but I am not interested in building low performance turntables. 

Anyone can build a cheap belt drive (they come out of the wood work EVERY day another me too belt drive) there is nothing to it. But we are innovators and we sold a ton of RIM Drive (over 1000) tables and gear but the margins are getting too slim.

I admire VPI's business but not their turntables, they have a great business model, use inexpensive materials, use the same design in different packages, we could have done that it is simple,

But no thanks, our table(s) will now be legendary, you will not see a 100 LB rim drive turntable with tolerance of +/-.0001 (yes 1/10 of one thousands of an inch actually machined like aircraft parts.

The sound, you may be lucky to hear one some time but NO ONE sells their TTW Tables, well about 3 a year - thats a 99.5% customer retention rate

Vinyl will always rule, but I will not be making turntables JUST TO COMPETE

I actually love the vinyl music, and money was secondary.

Happy Holiday to you and your family,

It was fun,

Larry Denham

TTW Audio

PS - VPI was founded 37 years ago...not 50
They built there first tables around 1985 .... so 30 years in business.

LJT - TTW 36 years in buinsess.
Just an FYI
So you took a look at the landscape of the audio business and made a calculated decision to take the money and run.  That's fine.  I, for one, am happy for you. I see no reason for your evident anger.  Good luck.
No fan of VPI, but never tried TTW, so I will stay out of it.
Sorry you misunderstood Lewn and thanks for buying some of our ger, I hope you enjoy using our products. 

We are happy but sad to go, but the fun is gone and if one cannot be passionate about the products it is time to stop.

PS: Thanks for the hundreds of emails I could not answer all of them, but your kind words where much appreciated.

I suppose you could say that my feelings are selfish.  The more players there are in the vinyl game, the better and more novel will be the products from which we can choose.  The loss of TTW products, good, bad, or indifferent, is a loss to all of us in that regard.
Larry, is your carbon fiber tt mat still available? How does it differ from the Boston Audio mat?
There is really no comparable products on the market for center weights, periphery rings, turntable mats.  Yes, you will find other products.  However, they do not compare in design, craftsmanship, materials, universal fit, and value for price.  I am very sorry to see their departure from the market.
Sorry but I know others that sold their TTW tables, including myself and a very good customer who had several issues. There are many e-mails on Audioasylum who didn't have good experiences with their own TTW tables as well. Speed accuracy was a big issue. My customer still has his TTW outer rim with the weights hanging off that 4 have come off and now it's an ugly paper weight. (Tried gluing back on but they keep falling off). So not everything was as rosey as it's made out to be. Just saying.
I am angered that TTW chose to slam VPI in this post.  What did VPI ever do to TTW for Larry to go on and on like that?  Personally, I thought the TTW turntables to have way to much bling.  Not a fan at all.  I did have one of TTW brass screw down clamps (2 pounds) for my VPI turntable but it tarnished often and I got sick of having to clean it.. 
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I think it's fine you sold your company. Every business needs an exit strategy. I don't know why you would mention a company like VPI. They are known for having good TT for the money. They have never been known for SOTA gear. 
I have read of some owners not happy with speed issues on TTW tables.  I was looking at one time to upgrade to a TTW but research I did kept me from doing so.  I will say I am very please with my VPI table.
I don't think Larry(TTW) was bashing VPI, just stating he used better quality parts. VPI is the king of marketing, frequently shuffling the product line. VPI's business structure reminds me of a NYC Deli-Excessive amount of product-Sides are always an extra cost-Not sure if the product is fresh(new or just refurbished updated design)-Not getting what you paid for.
Hi Guys, I did not "bash VPI" told it as it is.
No more mats, sorry shipped the last ones.

As I said, a 99.5 % satisfaction rate, you only hear about problems on forums, you will not hear from 1000's of happy customers but you sure here from the same jerks over and over and over and over.....

Cheers redglobe......he said....

There is really no comparable products on the market for center weights, periphery rings, turntable mats. Yes, you will find other products. However, they do not compare in design, craftsmanship, materials, universal fit, and value for price. I am very sorry to see their departure from the market. ``

Could not have said it better myself, thanks.

Interesting comment: Because we made the weight out of PURE BRASS they need to be maintained,,,well yes.

Other weights are brass plated, cost about 20% vs a pure brass clamp, geeze so sorry for using the real brass McCoy in our heavy center weights. 
I did have one of TTW brass screw down clamps (2 pounds) for my VPI turntable but it tarnished often and I got sick of having to clean it..``

Go to ebay and buy weights (cheap aluminum plated)  that look the same brass plated - fake - LOL  
They even copied our base design, machined profile

So how does one compete when people cannot tell the difference any more.....

I owned a VPI Aries 1 for many years and enjoyed it very much. It was well built weighed in at about 70lbs. I noticed over the years VPI TT appeared to be using cheaper parts than his older TNT models.E verything looked cheaper to me, motor ,plinth , platter. I decided not to invest into his Classic models and took the plunge and purchased a TTW Eliminator. The module design allowed , me to upgrade as funds became available. Sine I have added a 50lb. copper platter, a beautiful copper center weight, carbon fiber matt, a outer ring and a 22lb arm pod. I have heard nothing in this price range that comes close in build quality and sound .I have a lot of friends who own VPI tables who are all in agreement that my setup is better in everyway. As far as speed stability goes I check it weekly on my KAB always dead on accurate.
I'm very sorry that Larry close the shop, I still wanted to buy more stuff from him. I too have a Eliminator turntable with a Copper center weight and the Copper Magnum outer ring. I check the speed weekly and it is dead on (KAB). The modifications that he made for the Jelco arm took that arm to the stratosphere, The two piece base, the SS bridge and copper nipple, I'm sooo glad I was able to purchase all of this items before he close shop.

When I see other turntables, makes me feel pretty proud of my Eliminator.

This is another story of why I will only buy from strong companies.  I've been burned too many times with manufacturers that go out of business leaving their customers to fend for themselves.  Even before I listen/look at/consider a new addition, I need a company who will be there for me when I need them.
So, all you guys with a TTW turntable are left in the dust.  Their resale value is a lot less now, lol.  Meanwhile,  VPI keeps going strong. 

I purchased a demo Gem V2 about  2 years ago

! have personally close to 3 thousand hours on it.

Once I had the speed stability/ bearing issue addressed, it has been nothing but a joy to play my vinyl on.

If anyone is interested for some cheap and not so cheap, but worth it solutions to issues with their TTW turntables let me know.

Resale value?

This turntable will never  be sold, my daughter is next in line for it, my grandson after that.

Late to the party here but I thought I would comment.  As the manufacturer of the "Anvil " turntable I can see both sides to this discussion. Large companies certainly have the advantage regarding advertising budgets.  I know of a european TT manufacturer that spends nearly 10K a month on "point click" ads.  If I budgeted that amount I would either be on the road to bankruptcy, or I would sell high volumes of turntables.  Neither scenario is appealing to me, and I pretty much sell word of mouth.  A 2012 Michael Fremer review helped.  In the end, the designers-and customers make their decisions.  Regarding value my tables are essentially made to order,  start out as metal powders, and are precision machined. My design philosophy is different than either TT Weight or VPI.  A conversation with the customer starts the process, and they typically wind up customized in some way. They perform like tables which cost several times more.  Is this worth a little more or less than 3K?  
@13blm, not only are you late to the party but you're at the wrong party.  You post sounds more like an advertisement.
looking for a TTW copper platter, super platter or otherwise
also the super record weight 1420 gram size
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There is a guy in Germany who sells replica ms cu-180 gun metal copper mats.
 They are supposed to be excellent.
I own a ttweights momentus supreme and really love it. It sits on a Halcyonics type active anti vibration platform and feel like the combination is excellent without having to reach into the 6 figure turntable category.

I got the table before the rim drive was available so it’s the 3 belt version. (I also rotated it 90 degrees so I can use a 9" arm) I’m wondering how much a difference the rim drive makes on a 70lb platter with flywheel effect of the periphery ring (I think I have the most elaborate they ever made)

This was also before the copper platter was available. Mine is multiple layers of aluminium and composite, which was supposed to damp vibration. It’s also such ingenious design since no part of the 150lb table weighs more than 35lbs.

But I also own a copper platter add on they used to to sell a long time ago to use on another table (Maybe its 1/4 inch thick)

I never tried putting that on top of the momentus supreme standard platter but I should experiment. I’m wondering what the benefits would be and would I need a mat between the copper and the LP. The original platter’s built in top (which might be carbon fiber) was supposed to be of similar density to vinyl to create the ideal interface.

I also wonder if I should order extra belts or any other wear items while they are still available.
I was under the impression they were long gone?