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Vibraplane part needed
@trytone don't know who you talked to but I've been the world-wide distributor of the Vibraplane for close to 35 years now and hope I can help you. Please send me your serial number of the unit (located on the back right side) and a pic of the par... 
New Gold Note PH 10
@slimpikins5 if I was the dealer you were referring to yes originally I told customers that the PSU-10 at $1100 retail was a LOT of $$$ and IMO was not worth the asking price, better to spend on more records, again IMHO. We have now sold 9 of thes... 
Phono stage w/automatic Load-Impedanance.
@chakster since you live in Russia why not try and get hold of a SA Labs SUT. I bought one then 3 more since it was that much better than my Kondo SFz SUT (and at a 1/4 of the price). 
D'Agastino Momentum vs Dartzeel NHB108
@brianlucey have you considered the Bricasti M15 or M28 amps? Since you use the Bricasti M1 it might be a great match and I'm sure you are aware many recording studies use these amps with great success. Have you had a chance to hear them?(Dealer d... 
What colour area rug
Agree with @folkfreak  wool is best and avoid synthetic material. Color is up to your own personal taste. 
Bardo and 10.5 vs Stabi S and 4point 9
First I never said the Bardo had grossly or audible speed issues I said it just had speed issues this measured using the Timeline device which uses a quartz clock and said to be accurate to two parts per million. Not many tables can pass the timel... 
Bardo and 10.5 vs Stabi S and 4point 9
I owned the Bardo & 10.5 arm and it was a good sounding combo but the Bardo had speed issues (measured by a digital strobe light) and was not as precise as other tables I've owned. The Kuzma tables are built like a rock and the 4Point arm is m... 
Kondo Audio Note Io ii+ Kondo AN S 7 II - Keep it or sell it?
I'd sell it. The AN S 7 II was surpassed by the KSL-SFz, which I owned both. I just sold 2 of my KSL-SFz step-ups for a superior sounding SUT out of Russia. (Disclaimer:Former Kondo Distributor)  
Ugraditus is calling....again. Phono stage?
Gold Note just announced the release of the external power supply (PSU-10) for their PH-10 phono unit which is a super inductive & chokes power supply.  (Dealer disclaimer)  
Phono (0.1- 0.22mV+) or step up for LOMC?
I'm no expert but listen with my ears and over the last 20 years I have found adding a SUT has really improved the SQ with just about every cartridge and phono unit I've used. For 12 years I've found the Kondo SFz to be wonderful especially when u... 
electrostatic vs dynamic sound
Over the last 40 years I've had dozens of speakers but always get drawn back to panels. I've had ML, Eminent Technology, Sound Lab and now Sanders 10e's. All have their pluses and minuses but the Sanders with their room correction is here to stay.... 
Is a SUT needed?
Raul please don't wake me from my dream b/c it's such a beautiful place. Usually I have to wear Depends while dreaming or I'll soil the chair! 
Is a SUT needed?
I'll drive over this weekend!😎 
Is a SUT needed?
handymann it's not that a MC phono stage doesn't have enough gain to drive the output of the MC cartridge that's not what I'm talking about.It's that a MM phono section is usually easier to build and doesn't require an extra stage and then when yo... 
Is a SUT needed?
handymann ~ I'm sure your analog system "sings" and yes tubes can make a world of difference but again it's my opinion (after trying to perfect my alalog rig for close to 40 years now) that a MM phono stage used with a step-up transformer will usu...