VPI and TTWeights for VPI Classic 3

Hi All,

I am a happy owner of VPI Classic 3 +SDS with T3 Terminator Linear AirBearing tonearm, ZYX 4D-X Paratrace stylus (Fantastic mod by Expert Stylus) and just the other day I was playing a little bit with clamp, mat and outer ring on my VPI.

Just as a curiosity, and everybody is free to try this out too and perhaps post their impression, I cut little pieces of Magic Eraser (I use it to keep stylus clean) and start putting them under the label in between the platter and the vinyl and then put some under the clamp and a little on the outer ring and the change is pretty significant (however the magic eraser is staticky and therefore not suitable for this application however it improves the sound).
This led me to think that probably it was possible to find better accessories and I started to look out on internet and came across the TTWeights company.
Their outer ring, mat very interesting.
I also read that other VPI owners were very impressed by the increment on performance.

I am also wondering why VPI puts threads on the spindle if the stainless steel doesn't screw in it.
At TTWeight they told me they used to make a clamp for VPI with threads on it but VPI kept on changing threads and so they discontinued it.

The accessories are pretty expensive, thinking that the ultimate Mat is $600, the outer ring another $620 they must really be worth the extra $$

Therefore I decided to open up a thread since I know there are pleanty of users here like me, that own VPIs and that have surely try to play around with these accessories.

Hope I can get some good tip.

Thank you all for your attention.
Black Daimond Racing makes a record clamp specifically for VPI tables that is threaded for vpi's.People seem to really like them.
I was talking to the TTweights people at Taves and they say their new clamps with the carbon fibre built in are far superior to the vpi clamp they make soundwise.

I plan on buying the Black Diamond at some point and trying it out.
VPI tables are designed to work with either a screw down clamp with washer or a centre weight and periphery ring.

VPI threads their spindle to accommodate both methods. I have owned a lot of VPI tables and their spindle threading has not changed in over 20 years.

I also use the Black Diamond Racing one piece record clamp (screw down) on my table and for me it gives the best performance. Have not tried any of the TTW products but they are well machined and cost competitive.
Thank you guys for the input.

I didn't know about Black Diamond Racing, I will look out on internet now!

I don't know about the threaded spindle, I was told that apparantly they changed it over the years however I have no kwnoledge whether that was true or not.
Also a dumb question. I read that "rubber spindle washer" should be kept in place when the stock VPI clamp is used to prevent dish effect on the vinyl.

I quoted this words from the review of the clamp of BDR.
Are they referring to the rubber mat as the rubber washer? If not what is it?

Did you get the chance to compare the VPI record clamp to the Black Diamond clamp.I take it you prefer the Black Diamond over the vpi clamp.
Moonguy, I have tried many clamps including the VPI clamps and the VPI centre and periphery weight. I have also tried the HRS, Furutech Monza, Thorens and the BDR one piece. Differences were subtle, but my preference was the BDR.
"At TTWeight they told me they used to make a clamp for VPI with threads on it but VPI kept on changing threads and so they discontinued it."
Seems like TTWeights is giving out wrong information again!

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Stefanoo, you use the same VPI supplied rubber washer with the BDR clamp. The BDR clamp has a recessed bottom.
But what is the rubber washer? Is something on the spindle? I don't understand. Is it the rubber mat supplied with the turntable?
If it is the mat that you are referring too, I take it off while listening as sound gets significant improvement without the mat on.

Another thing I am considering is one of these specialized mats made in carbon fiber like I said.

My question is this: is the carbon fiber mat going to make the sound better, not compared to the supplied rubber mat which is a given, but over vinyl in direct contact with the platter?

Can you tell me the approx thickness of the washer and the diameter.I bought my SSC used and it never came with the rubber washer.
Vpi washer. 1.25" x 1/8" thick. You can order from
Vpi or purchase an upgraded washer from Herbie Audio.

Home Depot also sells the Vpi rubber washer.
I don't know what is the rubber washer! I had classic 1, 2 and 3 and never seen it. Mmm..the only rubber I have is the mat!! Could you please link me to a picture of this rubber was? Maybe that way I will understand..
Stefanoo, the rubber washer fits over the spindle and is 1.25 inches in diameter. It is to be used in conjunction with VPI's screw down clamp.

The washer "slightly" suspends the record over the platter. The screw down clamp has a concave bottom and when screwed down it "cups" the record into contact with the platter.
As usual, I have found that EVERYTHING changes the sound. I have the Classic platter and tried not using the rubber mat and liked the sound, but then felt that I liked the sound with the mat in place better. I have to live with any new sound for a while to discover if the change continues to impress, or if I tire of the sound and have to revert back to the original. In setting up the tv, at first, I liked the "popping" of having the color control cranked too much...then I realize, that I should turn it back, and the more real color is much more rewarding.
But I have classic 3 with stainless steel clamp and it is not not screw down clamp. Are you referring to the plastic one?

To address string green...sound is better without rubber mat.
If you have VTA adjustment on the fly you need to compensate for it.

How come the steel clamp is not screw down? It would have been really sweet!!
Stefanno, what you have is a VPI centre weight. It uses mass instead of a thread drive system to create pressure on the album.

The VPI centre weight does not use the rubber washer; it is designed to be used in conjunction with the periphery ring.
I guess that I would be curious to know if anybody has tried a mat clamp and ring that are worth to upgrade from the stock TT..