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Change the Power Voltage
This is the type of question that should not be asked in a forum.Everybody has an opinion and most are simply wrong or misleading.And no,  when going to 220v versus 115v you will not use less electricity geez.Yes simply run a 220v line and move on. 
401 birch or slate?
the 301 is more rube goldberg.And to think what the prototype was like displayed at an early exposition and looking nothing like the final version. 
What process did you use to integrate multiple subwoofers for 2 channel listening?
My steps on bass integration/room Eq. 1st do appropriate room treatments, *this is the foundation for all that follows. 2nd add multiple subs 2/3/or more. 3rd add a crossover to eliminate mains from the sub                               4th integr... 
Best vintage DD turntables from the 70's and 80's?
It’s a little more complicated than simply Micro made some of this brand or that brand’s tables/drives.In fact some Micro drives were made by Victor albeit not the verytop models simply a matter of convience. Its also known in the case of the GT-2... 
Best vintage DD turntables from the 70's and 80's?
One of the few JP may not own AFAIK. 
Old Amps that can still Kick Butt
Late seventies Luxman M-4000 dual mono. 
ADC XLM mkII Cartridge. Should I bother...
Because the replacement market stylus have yet to mimic faithfully the original ADC designs I don’t recommend them.If you happen to find an NAD 9300 original buy it they are out therefor little money until an advanced aftermarket profile is produc... 
New Hobby Ultrasonic Record Cleaning
@bdp24A fully loaded model (with drying fan and water filtration system) is under a grandTaking a quick look at the Cleaner Vinyl site it appears the under a grand price does not include the US tank, but is the full monty ancillaries. 
SME Tonearms of Canada - Alfred and Company that sell new and refurbish SME
.how is he in business this long its shocking.People change over time for a variety of reasons, mentalityfinancial etc personally I think things have gotten worse over the years and unfortunately there's no going back. 
Most rooms don’t need acoustical treatment.
 Sure it was posted by Troll otherwise ^ stupid is as stupid does. 
Active Speaker Choice
Just watched today a live comparison on Alpha Audioof 3 active speakers, ATC SCM 40A , Dutch & Dutch 8c and a Grimm. Granted not cheap, but a perspective on what you can expect. 
EQ / Dsp... Who’s using them?
but the music lost its soul. The DSpeaker products specifically.The 8033 an early bass DSP does not exhibit the "lost its soul"sound like some of the other dspeaker products.Like erik stated do your room treatments first then what’s leftin the DSP... 
EQ / Dsp... Who’s using them?
@ b_limo is anyone out there using any dspeaker antimode products2 channel room with distributed bass and room treatments includingdiffraction panels. Using an early dspeaker 8033 tookthings that extra step. Very simple but effective. 
Best skiinny floorstanders
Just say’en those ELAC fs 609’s are $21,000 pair, a little more than the OP’s 8,000 / 12,000 budget.Regarding skinny thats somewhat relative. 
Valab LCR-1 Mk2 Mk3
 Then, I changed the interconnector with a backup silver RCA.And the cartridge was?