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So many great golden era DD tables out there, what do you recommend for $1000?
@rauliruegas  Anyway specs can’t tel us the whole history Both with excellent specs, better than the very well regarded DP-80/75 that I own/owned.Not sure which side of the fence your on re above statements?Specifically when comparing the DP80 ver... 
So many great golden era DD tables out there, what do you recommend for $1000?
Also JVC TT81 or QL8 have bi-diretional servo.This was discussed quite some time ago and any references to this statement are incorrect.Owner of a TT-101. 
hi anbody have a wood record mat ?
 it is special treated wood to avoid cracksAs could be a wood mat. 
Rothwell SUT/ which Lundahl's?
He Rothwell is active on another forum and very helpful.I would send him an 
Moving Iron Carts or stick with LOMC
@chakster The XLZ-7500s has an original stylus, as to the interchangeabilitybetween the XSV-5000's nude steriohedron it was never statedin the OEM data sheets but at the time of production near the endof Pickering anything went. 
Moving Iron Carts or stick with LOMC
I own both the Pickering XLZ-7500s and the XSV-5000s an interesting note is after looking into things it was confirmed they use the same stylus although OEM provides 2 different replacement stylus numbers, another oddity of Pickering.I have interc... 
if you did buy the new schiit sol.......
Conrad a collaborator on the arm design mentioned 12 to 13 greff mass less cart. 
SME 3009 Series III Haters
simply add mass on headshell, 2 g or 4 g spacer provided.Lets not forget the damping paddles in 3 sizes that help in dealing with lower compliance carts. 
SME 3009 Series III Haters
I've come across on more than 1 occasion where an owner of a series III arm did not care for its sound using the OEM SME cables supplied. It turned out they were running a cartridge that did not like the factory pre load of 275 uF supplied interna... 
Has anyone here restored a Sony TTS 8000 platter or a similar strobed platter
Outstanding restoration! 
Sony PUA 7 to re-wire or not
The issue when 2 arms are actually not the same can also be found with the Micro Seiki MA-505.When MS sold table models including this arm it was actually not the same arm when bought separately.No guessing which one is superior. 
I went ahead and built a new plinth for my TT-101 that addressed some of the weaker points of its predecessor a non OEM customjob.Including multiple arm boards and acccustic deadening. I have posted some pictures in my system link. 
Thumbs up for ultrasonic record cleaning
In other filter applications you start with coarse and proceed withfiner and finer etc. 
Plinth ideas for DENON PD-80 DD turntable
While on the Plinth subject you can see in the my systems pga constrained layer 90lb Rosewood wrapped exampleI put together for my TT-101.Will accept all arm lengths with 3 arm boards which also elevate using spacers in their threaded fittings. 
Tonearm for Technics 1200GR
@lewm BTW its a Canadian company so the exchange is advantageous"for those in the USA.