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Turntable got absolutely crushed by CD
As the father of two teenage daughters - they could care less about CD or vinyl. Streaming is where it is at - same with 99.99 people under the age of 21. They still love music, but don’t really care about the absolute SQ. My Daughters know vinyl ... 
Dead Can Dance reissues - not happy
You should also pass on the audiophool mofi inner sleeves as well. 
Does anyone use white gloves to handle records?
I had to check the date: nup, not April 1st :-)If you really think your fingers are going to seep oils onto the vinyl, white gloves is not the answer. surgical sterile dental gloves would be the correct choice and give you a better change of actua... 
Stones mono box set thoughts on audio quality
I have the Stones mono vinyl box set.   It is wonderful.   very happy with the set.  sound quality varies from album to album but overall its better than I have heard before. 
What separate tube phono stage do you use ?
Accuphase C-37.   wonderful sounding phono stage with 3 inputs that save the settings and the MM stage has 100K as well as 47K.I used to own the Pass XP25 and Esoteric E-03.   the Accuphase handily sounds better.cheers 
Upcoming Technics SP-10R (100th Anniversary Model)
Ianwelcome to the vintage DD club!!   don't say I didn't tell you over the years :-)how cool is it to have superb sound and the table starts and stops within one second.Its a slippery slope from here thou, as you know :-)wait til you get a Lyra ca... 
Vintage Turntables compared to modern?
This question is still relevant 10 years later :-)I have owned my 1979 vintage Pioneer Exclusive P3 for 9 years next week.   Its never missed a beat and sounding superb coupled with a Lyra Etna SL.6 months ago (I bought a SP10mk3) I sold my Pionee... 
Leben RS30EQ with Soundsmith AIDA
I have owned the Leben. Nice phono.   It does seem to have more than 25db gain when you play it. Yes, it will drive the Soundsmith fine. 
Upcoming Technics SP-10R (100th Anniversary Model)
halcro2,197 posts10-23-2018 12:29amVPI strikes back......  It undercuts the Technics by almost 5k.   And has a decent tonearm.Unlike the Brinkman and Monac... 
Upcoming Technics SP-10R (100th Anniversary Model)
Hi LewGT2000 has high torque motor and Bardo low torque motor.  This may have something to do with it.I can't really understand why anyone would design DD table that takes 8-12 seconds to start up. Is there something the Japanese knew how to do ... 
Upcoming Technics SP-10R (100th Anniversary Model)
Hi LewHe sold the Monaco and the rest of his gear (kept his vinyl) as he moved to Cambodia for the last 4 years. He is back in AU and back buying hifi again.I liked the sound of the Monaco, but hated the ergonomics of the screw down clamp and how ... 
Upcoming Technics SP-10R (100th Anniversary Model)
A friend of mine has a Brinkmam Bardo.He just bought a vintage Yamaha GT2000.He said the speed control and grip of the Yammy is in another world - more akin to his old Monaco.I don't think he will be keeping his more expensive Bardo. 
They are all stock standard SME 3012-R's. 
Upcoming Technics SP-10R (100th Anniversary Model)
tzh21y1,152 posts10-13-2018 1:09pmI scribbled out a couple of thoughts for you above...Don’t get me wrong, If I had an sp 10 MKIII and they are supposed to be amazing, I probably would keep it. I am not impressed with the guy tearing apart the t... 
Dead Can Dance reissues - not happy
I have all original UK pressings  - they are all superb.  Listening to Aion at the moment - sublime.